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By Lior Cohen | December 27, 2018

For the last several years, one of the hallmarks of digital transformation has been the market’s rapid transition to the cloud, from applications and services to complete infrastructures. But a growing number of organizations have begun to pull away from that trend, primarily because of security concerns.

The rapid adoption of new technologies almost always introduces challenges for which enterprises haven’t adequately prepared. The security challenges of vulnerable IoT devices is an excellent example. In the case of cloud adoption, there are two critical concerns. First, because market demands forced many organizations to move too quickly, their cloud adoption strategy wasn’t always planned as well as it might have been. As a result, many organizations now find themselves with a complex cloud-based environment that has become too expensive to manage, maintain and secure.

Second, because each cloud environment is unique, organizations are also challenged to deploy consistent security across them. Part of the problem is that not all vendors they have previously been using have a security solution available for the various cloud platforms organization’s want to adopt. Even for those vendors that do, their security solutions aren’t always equivalent when deployed in different environments.

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