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This is a must read for the Microsoft 365 Nation crowd. It’s a double-click into the built-in spam filter settings and addresses the most popular application in the ‘365 product stack – email. Shout out to our rock star contributor Denis Wilson for sharing his work with us below.

New guidance from Microsoft for Office 365

Microsoft recently updated their support page and offered additional guidance to network admins as it relates to Office 365’s built-in spam filters.  The gist of the update is that they strongly advise against turning the auto-filters off.

They provided some additional guidelines if you decide to bypass them for one reason or another.

Here are the most relevant portions

“If you have to set bypassing, you should do this carefully because Microsoft will honor your configuration request and potentially let harmful messages pass through.  Additionally, bypassing should be done only on a temporary basis.  This is because spam filters can evolve and verdicts could improve over time….”

If you decide you want or need to bypass anyway, the company offered the following additional suggestions:

Never put domains that you own onto the Allow and Block lists

Read more HERE.

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