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Back in the early days when viruses started appearing they were focused on vandalizing (just to cause trouble).  The goal of these viruses were to delete files, reformat the hard drive and or just cause headaches to the end user.  However, in recent years (2013) viruses have been used to collect money via ransom demands.  With Ransomware still being in full swing, we are also seeing a new set of viruses attacking businesses and governments.  These attacks however are not requesting  and or leaving a ransom notes.  Instead of money these new attacks have one main goal in mind, to collect and or erasing data (rendering the data useless).  These viruses are accessing the system through remote desktops and are replacing the files with null characters meaning there is no unencrypting and or recovering the files.  Unfortunately, leaving the business and or country to start from scratch.  With so many people working from home, it is now more important than ever to back data up, have solid antivirus software and reevaluate your computer.  Watch Michael Jenkins, Ken Dwight and Harry Brelsford, as they discuss these new attacks.