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Running a business is hard, as every decision rests on your shoulders, and can either make or break your business.  With many business leaders looking for places to bounce ideas off, business coaching has become a common and important practice.  A business coach is an experienced mentor who will assist and guide the business owner in running a business by helping them clarify the vision of their business.  This process of guiding business owners will help not only to advance them but also their company from where it is now to where they want it to be.  Watch as Beatrice and Harry chat about business coaching and how it may help your business. 

Video Transcription:

Harry Brelsford 0:03
Hey Nation Nation back with Beatrice Phillips although I was saying off camera you’re always be Beatrice Meltzer to me. So welcome back, Beatrice.

Beatrice Phillips 0:14
Thanks, Harry. Glad to be back. Yeah, yeah, I enjoyed Last time we talked about all the stuff we did a Hello World, all the stuff you’ve done and all the stuff you’re doing that was cool to get the SMB Nation audience up to speed. So now in your new endeavor with THE ALPHA GROUP , and we’re going to double click next month into THE ALPHA GROUP , but today we want to talk about what is a business coach? Because that’s part and parcel to the the business model of the alpha group. And we’ll go into that more. But what is a business coach? Yeah, okay, let me talk about it. By the way, if I’m moving around, I’m standing on a wobble board. So if I fall under the table by accident, you know why? So I’m just giving you a heads up on that. Okay.

So, um, businesses, when they have challenges, they’re stuck on something does matter if it’s like operational management, what what have you not,

are customarily Why shouldn’t see customarily. But usually, they bring in a business consultant, who comes in looks at the one thing he finds at one thing, he knows exactly where to kick the can. And it runs again. And so consultants are very becoming they already have solutions that they may have employed in other businesses, when you hire a business coach, which, by the way that has been growing over the time, and a lot of companies now basically grow their own in house business coaches. So you have men that are expected to be coaching. But basically, what coaching, first of all, I got to talk about what coaching is and what it’s not. And coaching, like you said, does not give people the answers. And coaching very much in at the end of the day revolves around removing limiting beliefs. And when people have even like business leaders, we all have limiting beliefs if we want to, believe it or not. And they sit in our subconscious. Now, I don’t want to turn therapist here, right? Because that’s not what we do. We don’t do therapy.

Harry Brelsford 2:19
We have these limiting beliefs in our subconscious, and they get us stuck, where we’re just stuck somewhere. And then the coach comes in, and we ask you questions that you would never ask yourself, and they basically triggers thought processes and you end up kicking doors open that you wouldn’t have, but it’s all comes from within literally, yeah, to two thoughts. One is, I get stuck, right, I get stuck sometimes. And I get unstuck in a couple of ways. Jennifer Hallmark over the radio control room, my friend and yours will often help me Beatrice like maybe I just get writer’s block on a bit, write a proposal, and I raised my hand or as I’d like to say hit the big button in Jenny will come in and get me unstuck. Maybe she’ll finish the proposal. I mean, it just it just happens and then most recently, I have hired an admin assistant. Her name is Liz lives locally near me and she comes over twice a week and is organized my filing system and sits down with me to pay my bills and that kind of thing because Beatrice you know me too well.

To say I have ADHD from my childhood might be a slight understatement. I’m an entrepreneur right so I’m off hunting and gathering and I need a Liz to essentially she’s almost like my coach and quite frankly she she kind of is I mean she’s got a lot of experience and can offer advice and get me unstuck final thought like I can do it here we go might not show up on a green screen but T cats book that he did with the good riddance good runs. Yeah, fuck. You remember this book. And he talked to this in that book about he called it BS. It being stuck was was BS. And in the book, he called it basic story. And the idea being that, you know, people who become an entrepreneur, sometimes they’re like, well, I can’t open the doors and I can’t get a client till I get my business license. I can’t open the doors till I finish my business plan. I can’t open the doors till I get my Ei n. And basically what t cap saying is just do it. Just just get started. And then you know, on Thursday, go get your business license, just do it. Any any thoughts on that? That’s not how we would be coaching. That’s okay.

Beatrice Phillips 4:49
Whoa, coach, get out there do it right. Um, the um, so I would be coming in and I would say like in your case with your proposal, I would say

Well, Harry, if you knew the perfect outcome you want from this proposal, what would you be putting down? Or if you knew that this proposal is going to be the one day pick? What is it that they are looking for? Okay? Or if you’re talking to someone who says, Oh, I can’t, you know, again, that’s a limiting belief. I can’t start my business, because I don’t have my EIN in order. Matter of fact, I just went through that not both a client. I’m actually with I just sold my business. Oh, yeah. Okay. Congratulations. Yeah, thank you. So it’s a win win, because I leased my commercial space. And I sold the business. And sure enough, she adelaida came in, he’s like, I got this. I know how to run a business, blah, blah. And then it’s like, oh, my God, I got trouble with the bank. I’m waiting on my EIN. I mean, exactly that, you know, and this is when I’m, you know, you look at the belief. So like, what, what is it that’s really keeping you back, because you’re creating a barrier. So there is this. And so a lot of people have this, they need to be perfect, right? So this is really the assumption that everything needs to be perfect and unlined before I can start my business. And that is actually another form of procrastination. So people say I’m a perfectionist, it’s like, no, you’re a procrastinator.

Harry Brelsford 6:20
But you don’t tell your client that right. But then yeah, you just ask questions around them. It’s like, well, what if you would have your EIN right now? What would be the first thing that you wouldn’t be doing? Right? And so you get them to switch to thinking moving on to a new track, basically. So again, I’m not handing them a solution, but it’s like, so what if, you know, what would you do? If you knew you could? That sort of thing? No, I like it. Well, hey, it’s your lucky day, before we go. This is the Keystone learning system you did for the old SBSC Small Business specialists, community, whatever that SBSC was. And it was Microsoft Windows, small business server 2003 mcsc exam 7082. I’m gonna mail this to you. Because I’m decluttering. And I need to get it back in good hands. So boy, the there were the days that that was, those were fun days.

Beatrice Phillips 7:20
Actually, you see this book that I got propped back up here. It’s called pocket NBA, and instant entrepreneur. So I’m more than halfway through the book. And I just want to let you know, this is really good, because your final minor grinder and everything. Because even though it’s geared towards consultants in the technology, it kind of is Yeah, there’s also works for coaches. Right. So this is really good, because it also aligns with like the tenants of the alpha group where we focus on vision planning, operation, leadership, scaling, and no, I think it’s awesome. And it’s such an easy read. So well done. Just one. There we go. All right. We’ll see you next month. Hey, next month, we’re going to talk about the alpha group and learn a little bit more and what programs we offer and why SMB nation members should give you give you luck? Yeah, absolutely. Check me out on LinkedIn, my phone numbers there, you know, just get in touch with me. There we go. All right. Thanks, Beatrice. Thanks, Jenny. Okay, thanks, Jenny. All right. Thanks, Harry. See you guys. All right. Bye.