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‘Hero’s Happen Here’

Microsoft 365 Nation

What constitutes a M365 Hero

 The ‘Heroes Happen Here’ contest to select M365 Heroes is much more than a popularity contest. While earning your spot in the Top 100 is via election, of course we emphasize your experience working with the Microsoft 365 product stack. But almost as important is community involvement. How do you participate in your community? An example would be Jack Smith, an MSP ( from Denver, Colorado who supports several not-for-profits that you can read about here: (including “Housed Working and Healthy” “Meghan’s Wish” “Sustain-Ability Recycling” and “The Delores Project.” So give it your best shot and enter to be an M365 Hero.

How to Enter:

…and WIN!!

  1. Join Microsoft 365 Nation FREE! (click to join)
  2. Go to the Contest Entry Page (click to Enter)
  3. Fill out the Form
  4. SUBMIT to be Reviewed and Approved
  5. Recieve an email from M365 Nation with Nominee Kit
  6. Share your link for fans to vote

Enter the Microsoft 365 Nation

'Heroes Happen Here'