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Why MSPs think MSS players are going to eat their lunch

Typically, if you are an MSP you’re a business person, and if you are an MSS you’re probably a security person. In turn the way you look at things are slightly different. If you are a business person and you see another person doing services of any nature you may ask yourself if that person is a potential competitor, causing some MSPs to try and avoid contact with the world of MSS. In some cases the MSS have come to the MSP and asked if they would like to bundle my security services, my 24/7 managed sock, they said, I don’t know this sounds like a gateway to you stealing my customers. But it’s not the case, because the two businesses come from completely different backgrounds, and the last thing the MSS wants to do is manage somebody IT they don’t want to do it. They don’t want to touch it.

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