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Why MSPs think MSS players are going to eat their lunch

Typically, if you are an MSP you’re a business person, and if you are an MSS you’re probably a security person. In turn the way you look at things are slightly different. If you are a business person and you see another person doing services of any nature you may ask yourself if that person is a potential competitor, causing some MSPs to try and avoid contact with the world of MSS. In some cases the MSS have come to the MSP and asked if they would like to bundle my security services, my 24/7 managed sock, they said, I don’t know this sounds like a gateway to you stealing my customers. But it’s not the case, because the two businesses come from completely different backgrounds, and the last thing the MSS wants to do is manage somebody IT they don’t want to do it. They don’t want to touch it.

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What’s in store for 2022 in the Industry

As the new year starts many businesses look to improve revenue streams, change business models, and improve their business practices. In many ways 2022 will follow these trends with MSP’s looking at the channel and saying how am I going to grow my business, get involved, and or change the way I am doing things. With this there’s going to be a lot of acquisitions as normal. Although, this year will look like business as usual in many aspects, there is some hype around metaverses, and how to bring it into MSP businesses as an offering, how to make money with it, and how to sell it.

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What’s Next?

We are joined by Phelim Rowe from across the pond to explore what’s next. Many MSP’s have had a surge in business with the pandemic and are wondering what’s next? Phelim explores new opportunities within the education realm and training. Watch the interview here and get the inside scoop. He goes on to suggest a great opportunity for education and training at

Rowe: Global MSS Workshops

Phelim Rowe directs UK-based CTG Intelligence, an integrated events and education concerns for both channel partners and customers in the security technology space. After we do a “Hello World” we move on to talk about the use of acronyms and labels in our community: MSP, MSSP and MSS. Lean in, listen intently and discover the finer points between these earned and unearned (marketing) titles. And we end with a shout out to Forrester analyst Jay McBain who recently spoke at Rowe’s Miami security workshop.