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Work environment and location has now become a key factor for job seekers

Over the years employees desires and benefits have changed. Employees once seeking pensions and great benefits are now seeking flexibility, healthy work habits, and working for a purpose. Having the choice in work environment and flexibility have become key factors for many in their jobs. A study done in June of 2021 shows a majority of companies (80%) want to continue with at least some work at home while 47% want to allow some folks to go full time at home.
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Weiss: Financial Markets and MSPs

Weiss: Financial Markets and MSPs

Long-time contributor Josh Weiss from LA Creative Tech in Southern California shares some insights on the stock market volatility and whether is does/does not impact the local Managed Services Provider (MSP). It’s a multi-faceted conversation. Weiss shares that his...


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Week 27:OWA Formerly known as Outlook Web Access, OWA is remarketed as Outlook Web Application, which is used to access your Exchange Online account via a web browser.

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