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Evolution of IT

Technology is everywhere in our lives these days. From smartphones, tablets and computers, to cloud, analytics, AI, and more, we can’t seem to function without these in our daily lives. From business products to personal use, technology has exploded leaving us lost when things don’t work. In the past information technology was all about the technology and working to automate things, but now technology has matured to being driven by information. Bob joins SMB Nation to walk us through the evolution of technology starting with humans as computers.

How to Hire

There are a lot of factors to consider when making hiring decisions for your business. As a business owner do you feel like you are rushed when it comes to making a hire? Do you want to have your new hire hit the ground running? Like most small businesses when it is time to hire you need someone in the position ready to go. As a small business we get asked a lot, is it better to hire someone with technical skills or people skills? This is a hard question to answer as both are so important in any business. We team up with Don Crawley as he talks with us about hiring processes and how to get the right fit for your team.

Events During Covid

With 2020 bringing lots of changes and the need for more positive vibes a group of IT vendors got together to host a mult icity covid safe events. The goal of these events, was not only to keep people safe but also to get out and give a positive opportunity to meet during these uncertain times. These regional events proved to be a great way to get together safely, as well as learn what people are needing in their IT stack. Watch as Marc chats about the events.

How the Pandemic is Changing Retail

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many retailers to scramble to adapt to the daily changes the pandemic has presented. With many retailers managing demand fluctuation, keeping employees safe, and keeping their businesses afloat many predict long term effects on brick and mortar retail businesses.

Before the pandemic, a big part of shopping was the hands-on experience. The idea of being able to have face to face contact, and be able to touch, feel, try on or sample products is a thought of the past. With online orders blowing up small retailers are trying to stand out in any way they can from making it easier for consumers to avoid shared surfaces and limit interactions with employees or other customers, to having a seamless online shopping experience. Join Harry and Jim as they explore the pandemic and how it has rewritten retail shopping.

Jim Beach Predictions to 2021

With 2020 coming to an end we catch up with Jim Beach and his community. Jim does not predict huge changes in the rules for entrepreneurs in 2021. With the hopes of vaccines, and the light at the end of the tunnel he feels that many entrepreneurs are enthusiastic for a great year to rebuild. Catch up with Harry and Jim as they explore what 2021 has to bring to the entrepreneur community.

2021 Forecast with Ted Hulsy

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a huge shift to work at home, it has opened the doors to higher volumes of cyber-attacks. With 2020 coming to a close and companies continuing to work from home, MSPs should take a look into the future of security. Ted Hulsy shares with us his 2021 predictions and how certain security stacks will be come mandatory.

Meet Jack Isaacs

After a long career in law Jack Isaacs has decided to pursue his passion in private equity. Jack has opened up a private equity firm that targets technology firms as they tend to be the ones that grow quickly time and time again. With the concerns around Covid Jack predicts some big economic shifts, however with these shifts significant opportunities tend to arrive. Join Jack and Harry as they chat about future growth and what to expect.

2021 Predictions with Dave Sobel

We all know how hard 2020 has been and many of us are looking forward to ringing in the new year. Although, we all wish we could snap our fingers and have 2020 and its problems behind us, the reality is that the first half of 2021 may look similar to 2020. Even with the optimistic scheduled of vaccine roll outs, it may take some time to get businesses to the now normal. Join us as Dave shares his predictions and disruptions for 2021 and what you should do.

Online Conferences filling up Industry Calendars

The world of events and trades shows has drastically changed with the 2020 pandemic. Although, in person events have come to a screeching halt, most events have reinvented themselves as online events. With online events becoming the new phenomenon, we have seen the industry calendar filling up with more and more events, and many times events are overlapping. Although, these online events are not the same as in person, they do have some benefits such as no travel, typically they are free, replay links may be available, and more. With the end of 2020 nearing we are hoping to see a good mix of online and in person events in 2021. Join Josh and Harry as they chat about the new norm for events.

Protect your Business

In today’s ever changing world, cybercrimes are innovating new ways to access your companies data and exploit weaknesses to penetrate your web platforms. With these current threats ever changing it is hard to stay ahead of the threats your business faces every day. Frank Ohlhorst joins us to share a security platform that will help protect your business. The Sectigo Web Security Platform combines our industry-leading SSL / TLS certificates with eight layers of comprehensive “set it and forget it” web security, all managed from a single cloud-based portal.

Building the Business of your Dreams

When you think about your career, and or building businesses the idea that our technology skills are enough goes through many people’s minds. The idea that if we are good at technology our career and or businesses should flourish off of our technical skills alone. Unfortunately, this is not how it works, there is a whole other suite of skills you need such as financial skills, how business works, building relationships and so much more in order to grow and advance your career. Many people have a hard time getting over this hump, however, Drew Saur joins Harry to discuss how to grow your skills and business.

PPP Forgiveness simplified for loans less than $50,000

The SBA has decided that all PPP loans $50,000.00 or less will be able to apply for forgiveness using a simplified application (3508S). This action will help ease some of the burden on the PPP lenders allowing, lenders to process forgiveness applications more swiftly, as well as, take some of the stress off of small businesses who borrowed the money. The forgiveness is set to begin early October, however, check with your lender as some institutions are not ready to start accepting forgiveness documents.