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Changes in Distribution

With the merger of Synnex and Tech Data validating the value distribution plays in the channel many are asking what is next. SMB Nation had the opportunity to speak with Jason Bystrak of D&H who shared his excitement about the opportunity this creates for everyone. With the ever changing market D&H “continues to make investments in our cloud services business, as well as investing more into pro AV into eSports, gaming, remote work technology, and especially vertical markets like education.” Watch as we speak with Jason about the ever changing market and what D&H is doing to serve its clients.

Permanent Work from Home Technology Opportunities

Although the transition to remote work was fast and furious for many people, many companies are looking to a permanent hybrid future, where the office is no longer the office of just housing workers, but is going to be more about culture and collaboration. With the mobile workforce turning into a permanent state of affairs MSPs need to really tackle the opportunity as it is looking to be the future of work. With this change MSPs need to reevaluate their current situations and look into weaving service offerings, building new vendor relations, and building some new muscle mass.


Ransomware Exploded in 2020

Although ransomware has been around for a while it keeps evolving and changing to fit our ever changing landscape. Currently ransomware is one of the biggest security problems in the internet and one of the biggest cybercrimes that organizations face today. With the ever changing landscape cybercriminals have been targeting IT professionals and more so MSPs. With MSPs serving many clients and required to report breaches or ransomware attacks they are a prime target. As an MSP you need to make sure you have a plan of attack (incident response plan) in case of a breech so everything is figured out prior to an incident.
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Let’s Talk Context

Let’s talk about the well-publicized security breaches that have been widespread the past couple months. This story in particular, has been moving so fast. The difference between what we knew in December versus what we know now is a big difference. It’s important to watch the information that is coming out on this story and others to understand the entire story and the context. If we track the story, when we initially found out about the Solar Winds act, everyone was looking and saying they got in through Orion? Well, no, come to find out that they actually got in through four steps in their breach.

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Events of the Future: Hybrid

During the pandemic many things have changed from working, to engaging with people and even events. With so many changes it is inevitable that events evolve as well. From in person to virtual events, conference leaders have developed a hybrid event model which is a tradeshow, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a “live” in-person with a “virtual” online component. Join Phelim as he shares with us the first in person event he has attended in almost a year.

Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams

With the evolution of working from home, many things have changed from communication, work habits, and even your work lifestyle. With the switch to most people primarily working from home, many people have expressed challenges of feeling disconnected from colleagues and clients. With working from home or office, commuting or traveling, there are many ways to stay connected to your phone at all times. We chat with Paul McMillan about how you can not only have seamless integration into Microsoft Teams, but how you can now place and receive telephone calls from any device running Microsoft Teams including computer, tablet, smart phone and Teams compatible desk & conference phones.


To Be or Not To Be an MSSP in 2021

As more and more of our daily lives shifts to online work the need for cyber security is becoming more and more critical for the success and stability of many companies. Although attacks on large organizations and government entities are typically the ones in the news small businesses are usually more vulnerable to attacks. With the cost of these attacks costing small businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, many small businesses can’t weather an attack. With so many businesses seeking out security solutions many MSPs (Managed Service Provider) are turning to or becoming MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) and offering true security as a service. Read More

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Cyber threats are increasing in both sophistication and volume every day. As the threats and attacks grow so does the need for protection against these threats. With many organizations lacking the resources to protect themselves, technology companies have come up with Managed Detection and Response (MDR). MDR is an outsource service that provides companies and organizations ways to detect threats, respond to incidents and monitor their assets. Watch as Frank and Harry discuss MDR and how if can help your clients. Read More

Stop the Spread of Covid in the Work Place

As many US cities are lifting lockdown restrictions, and people are starting to return back to the office, companies should look at implementing new safety precautions before allowing employees back. Have you thought about safety regulations for your workplace? What will the new normal be? In order to reduce the spread of Covid many companies have implemented new procedures before entering the office space. Carl Katz shares with us what one company he services has done. Join SMB Nation and Carl as he shares one company’s new norm.

Change has Arrived

Alex Fields joins us to share how things have changed during the pandemic. As many of you know Alex has been a longtime community member who has shared so much about cloud services, and how to manage services in the cloud with other MSPs. With the pandemic in full swing Alex started to receive so many request that he has decided to jump into full time consulting. Join Harry and Alex as they discuss what Alex is up to, and how he is sharing his knowledge.

What is a Business Coach

Running a business is hard, as every decision rests on your shoulders, and can either make or break your business. With many business leaders looking for places to bounce ideas off, business coaching has become a common and important practice. A business coach is an experienced mentor who will assist and guide the business owner in running a business by helping them clarify the vision of their business. This process of guiding business owners will help not only to advance them but also their company from where it is now to where they want it to be. Watch as Beatrice and Harry chat about business coaching and how it may help your business.

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Business in 2021

2020 is a year that will never be forgotten, from the pandemic to the U.S. elections, and much more. With the pandemic sweeping through many businesses in the beginning of the year, and many businesses having to strategize throughout the year it will be hard to understand the full extent of the pandemic impact. With many MSP businesses reaching maturity, and some looking to sell there are many things business owners should take into account. Watch as Harry and Jack talk about M&A and what you should be thinking about today.