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Tech Tuesday: Your You Tube Journey

Harry is joined by Kevin Hunter, Carey Holzman, and Tom Benkert to discuss how to start a profitable YouTube channel. They explore the steps to starting your channel as well as some great tips and tricks to building your audience (you must know your audience before producing content). They also share the power of You Tube and the search within google for years to come. Watch and learn how to grow an profitable You Tube Channel.

Wilson: Easy as Pie – MFA in Office 365

I’ve just completed an interview with our contributor Denis Wilson who shared with us reports on a 600% increase (January 2020 – May 2020) in “cloud hacking” by bad actors targeting Office 365, G-suite and such. I was scared straight!

So in-part, we used the interview HERE to get me off the dime in real-time to turn on Multi-factor Authentication in Office 365 using these steps.

Microsoft Inspire Recap 2020

We met with IAMCP chapter president Danny Brown, to chat about Microsoft Inspire. Inspire is Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference. Typically, companies involved in Microsoft’s Partner Network travel from around the world to spend a week meeting with other partners, attending various sessions and keynotes led by Microsoft executives, and learning about Microsoft’s strategic priorities for the year ahead. Although this year looked very different than years past, Microsoft rolled out the red carpet for attendees through live virtual sessions with Q&A and free passes to educational sessions featuring industry experts. Microsoft was also able to capture the networking aspect of the conference by hosting virtual networking events. Watch the full recap of Inspire here.

Resurgence of Ransomware

We go down under with Michael Jenkins to explore the resurgence of Ransomware. With many businesses ramping up and sending employees home to work we are seeing an uptick in ransomware. Many businesses were not prepared to have employees work from home, and in turn are rapidly deploying remote work stations, leaving holes in their security allowing for hackers to access their machines. Watch as Michael and Harry discuss how to protect yourself and your clients.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Resellers or Partners

The RSPA has done research by speaking with their solution provider members regarding the pandemic and how it is effecting their business. After extensive exploration they found that successful businesses who are weathering this storm have the following 7 attributes:

1. Strong Cash Reserves
2. Low and or no debt
3. They reduce their expenses at the start of the pandemic
4. Diversified in their nitch
5. Are considered trusted advisors by their customers
6. Frequently engage with their customers
7. Creatively adapting their products and services

Watch this video and learn how you can prepare yourself and business for the next recession and or pandemic.

Outlook Fails

Josh Weiss joins SMB Nation to chat about the recent patch Microsoft issued causing Outlook to fail to start for some users, automatically displaying an error message prompting users to repair some inbox files. Josh goes onto to chat about how it affected his clients, and the specifics around the patch issued. At this time there is a work around allowing users to be able to access and use Outlook, however there is not an official fix available for customers. Microsoft is investigating this issue with the Outlook and the Windows Team. Watch the interview to get more insight into the problem.

Cheer Me Up: Economic Turns

Harry Brelsford and Frank Ohlhorst review the current economic status and how it is effecting MSP’s and their clients. Although, some MSP’s are being impacted by the reduction in services needed by their clients, others are weathering the storm by using remote help, and online services and ordering. With businesses being forced to implement social distancing, supply changes, human resources updates, and more to adapt to this ever changing circumstances he is seeing opportunities for MSPs to implement remote work stations, VPN management, upgraded technology for both store fronts and distance working, and much much more. Watch and learn.

Backup and Disaster Recovery with Dan Foote

Dan Foote joins us from Alaska to share about Backup and Disaster Recovery, with a local business. Most small businesses and some medium businesses do not have backup set up for their business, and or if they do it has not been tested in years. Dan provided a local small business with a complete back up service and was able to show the business owner through email the backup reports. Dan asks when is the last time you tested your back up service?

MSP Cheat Sheet

Alex Stanier joins Harry Brelsford as they explore an IT and Telecoms Overview diagram. They review Telecom, Mobility, Network Support, and other applications. Join them and explore the ins and outs of mobility and telecom.

The Virus Doctor: Different Families of Malware

Ken Dwight joins Harry Brelsford to discuss the different families of malware. They start off the conversation in 2003 with Crypto locker (the first widespread Ransomware) and go onto explore the last 7 years where thousands of Ransomware or Families of Ransomware have been developed and or transformed. They go on to discuss the 8 major families that are prevalent today. Listen to the Interview HERE to learn more about the different families of Ransomware and how they are ever evolving.

You know you grew up with SBS if…

Harry and Larry reminisce on the SBS days and a new group they joined “you know you grew up with SBS”. They share stories from the SBS days as well as memorabilia they have kept. Join Harry and Larry on the Facebook group “you know you grew up with SBS if”.

What’s Next?

We are joined by Phelim Rowe from across the pond to explore what’s next. Many MSP’s have had a surge in business with the pandemic and are wondering what’s next? Phelim explores new opportunities within the education realm and training. Watch the interview here and get the inside scoop. He goes on to suggest a great opportunity for education and training at