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Dwight: COVID-19 Pandemic Observations

We’re back with Ken Dwight – the virus doctor – is hearing a lot from this anti-virus technology community (who would have know his trademark “The Virus Doctor” would have a double-meaning during this era). Dwight expresses that he’s getting pounded by vendors trying to sell into the pandemic and he’s frustrated than that.

Liberman: Revisiting Goals and Objectives

Analyst Joshua Liberman updates us on his long-term plan to do more writing. As a senior professional, he is elevating his game to be more strategic about his personal branding. It’s a big step to look up from the day-to-day of running a business in the trenches. Watch to here about his latest articles on securing small business and securing your own MSP. Another reason he writes is he wants to enjoy doing what he does. Imagine that!

Happy Happy News!

Seattle-based Michael Fraser is keeping it safe in his home office and he shared with us BIG WIN concerning a Department of Defense (DOD) contract. The win is significant as it’s a door opener to further opportunities. This is phase one of a multi-phase contractor and comes with a matching fund in a later phase (the DOD will do a dollar for dollar match with Fraser’s investors).

Remote Worker Setups Continue

Today we’re in Dublin, Ireland with analyst Larry Doyle. He shares how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting his business as well as personal life. What’s cool about this interview is that we stopped his motorcycle in a public park to ring into us and the sound and video quality is amazing. Like our other analysts spanning the globe, Doyle is engaged in assisting clients in setting up remote offices at home.

Webinars vs. Online Conferences

Phelim Rowe – our analyst from the UK, joins us from across the pond! We get insights into his daily life as an existing virtual organization during the COVID-19 (no major changes internally). Rowe optimistically talks about a connected global community that has come together very quickly. We talk about the difference between a webinar and an online event. We talk about how offering your services for free is a MISTAKE.

Kohl: Fraud Warning About MSP Customer Orders

A leading distributor, Ingram Micro, has sounded the alarm about fraudsters capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic and how bad acting customers are ordering laptops et al under the air cover of remote workers. In the interview with Eric Kohl, Vice President, Advanced Solutions at Ingram Mirco, he walks us through the fraud workflow from bad actors, possibly resulting in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) being stuff with the bill for 50-laptops that were delivered and never paid for. Click to learn more…

Concentration of Power in SMB MSP Community

The facts are undeniable – there has been a merger and acquisition wave that has resulted in a handful of big players starting to dominate the product/services solution stack available to Managed Services Providers (MSPs). That’s good and bad. Listen to this recent Northwest Digital News TechTuesday segment with Kevin Hunter where this important topic is discussed with references to Forrester analyst Jay McBain’s recent 2020 channel/community report.

Using Analytics To Measure Online community Growth

Newly appointed analyst Scott Sanders talk about his rapidly growing community called IT Business Owners Group (ITBOG) are the focus in our March 2020 meetup. Sanders shares some secrets about building a thriving community in a world filled with social media nonsense and noise. “I’m a numbers guy so I monitor the analytics of my ITBOG Facebook group.” Sanders stated. Sander’s favorite key performance indicator (KPI)? It’s the growth rate of new members. Watch the interview HERE.

This Guy – Right Place, Right Time !

Long-time SMB Nation member Wayne Turmel is always one step ahead. You’ll recall Turmel worked extensively with us about a decade ago helping up improve the quality of our weekly webinar and coaching our guests to be better presenters (at his old company Then he leaped frogged to roll up into The Remote Leadership institute. In our video interview Turmel speak about the sheer and utter pandemonium that has hit The Remote Leadership Institute this past month. With EVERYONE working remote, Fortune 500 and SMB clients are seeking out Turmel to assist with the rapid transition. He is thriving for all the right reasons!

Hunter and Brelsford: McBain’s 2020 Channel Forecast – Part 2

Harry Brelsford joins Kevin Hunter on Northwest Digital News for a TechTuesday segment for part two of a two-part series to review Forrester principal analyst Jay McBain’s “What I See Coming For the Channel In 2020” report. Insights include watching channel account managers turn into community managers and much more . Watch HERE!

Hunter and Brelsford: McBain’s 2020 Channel Forecast – Part 1

Harry Brelsford joins Kevin Hunter on Northwest Digital News for a TechTuesday segment to review Forrester principal analyst Jay McBain’s “What I See Coming For the Channel In 2020” report. This is part one (ow two) where we review the role of indirect sales and other highlights.

EXTRA EDITON: Cisco’s Unique Remote Worker Solutions/Support

We’re back on short notice with DD Dasgupta, Vice President, Marketing, SMB Products at Cisco to double-click into how Cisco has a unique end-to-end secure solution for remote workers. Take Cisco security expertise and then add WebEx and you get the picture.

Here are additional Cisco resources to review.

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