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SolarWinds MSP is rebranding to N-able

At some point in Q2 SolarWinds MSP will be fading into the past, as they will be under going a brand change to update their name to N-Able. Although this rebranding is a new change for SolarWinds they are essentially resurrecting the N-able name as they acquired N-able nearly 8 years ago. What we know today is that SolarWinds is existing as a wholly owned subsidiary, and there is no official split date.


D&H is reporting Blow out Earnings

Even with the pandemic in full swing for most of D&H’s Fiscal year, they are reporting some blowout growth in earnings. With many people working from home, and children learning from home due to the pandemic, D&H saw a huge demand for devices. From headsets, to wireless needs, and new chrome books, D&H saw it all.


Microsoft 365 Best Practices

With Microsoft 365, you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Alex Fields shares with us his whole kit and caboodle which is a comprehensive publication on migrations from a traditional Windows Server Active Directory environment to Microsoft 365, configuration guides, and other things including a comprehensive checklist. Learn more about implementing the materials to better configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, to give it some governance, a little bit better security, and compliance.

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Being an MSP in 2021

As your MSP practice develops, you will handle everything from recruiting to terminating, advertising, seller relations, and developing your product offerings. Juggling all of these things and making customers happy is not just about fast, friendly service, because everybody says they can do that, but it’s more about efficacy, and about inculcating a corporate culture or company culture in your own MSP of trying to execute on the first pass. It’s all about practices and processes. Everyone can offer fast service and caring service, but what can set your company apart is the ability to deliver capable and effective service. I would argue that no matter how fast you fix an issue, if it continues to recur, the perception of your service will suffer.

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Hafnium Attacks

Earlier this year Microsoft released a number of patches affecting on-premise instillations of Exchange servers, which was actively being exploited by Hafnium. Hafnium is a newly identified group that is believed to be responsible for not only this attack, but also other attacks on internet facing servers. Even though the use of the vulnerability was described as limited it is believed that we will see a quick rise in numbers of attacks.

Ghost Policy stopping Windows Updates

Josh Weiss joins us to share his experiences with Ghost Policy. About two months ago Josh installed some Intune files that set up a bunch of baseline policies, that included it’s app locker policy (a Software Restriction Policy). After realizing this was to much for his company he deleted it from his tenant. He then spent two months trying to figure out why he couldn’t install any software once he signed in Intune. Recently he spoke with a Microsoft engineer who explained something called a ghost policy. In Intune policies are Device Configuration profiles. If you delete a device configuration profile, before assigning it, it will remain locked to any users who had had it. In order to remove this lock there is a process for going through the Microsoft Graph, confirming the existence of that and then deleting it. Watch as Harry and Josh discuss Ghost Policy.


Hybrid, WFH, or Back to the Office

The days of reporting to the office may be a thing of the past, even after the pandemic is over. With many workers currently juggling working from home, and or a hybrid of split time, many workers will not be returning to the office full time. With this new model comes new expectations, and potentially new contracts for some employees reducing salaries and or pay based on the cost of living. Imagine you were living in the Bay Area working for a high power tech company, and then are able to work from home and move to a small town which has substantial lower cost of living. If you no longer have that high cost Bay area living, you may no longer have the compensation that goes along with it.

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Looking to Grow, and Looking to Grow Fast

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve, whether it is implementing new technology’s, offering new products, or streamlining procedures. In the current economic state a lot of MSPs and a lot of tech companies and shops, are looking to grow, and looking to grow fast. However, growing a small business isn’t easy, and typically is one of the toughest challenges many businesses face.

What is IAITAM

IATIAM is an association of IT asset managers that was started back in 2002. This association started off with a focus on compliance issues, to help educate small businesses on what they needed to remain compliant with their software. Since then IATIAM has grown their curriculum and best practices to include seven certification courses, which lead to a master’s program at the university level. Currently IATIAM is in 126 countries and has almost 90,000 individuals.

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IAITAM Ace Conference

For more than a decade, the IAITAM Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) has served as the premier event in IT Asset Management. This year’s IAITAM event will be held May 19th and 20th online and is focused on taking your IT Asset to the next level. Through this strictly educational conference, you will not only walk away with nuggets of information you can use right away, but you will also meet and network with so many individuals.


Cloud or On-Prem

With the large number of on premise exchange (exchange being the server that runs email for corporations), there was a significant vulnerability discovered earlier this year regarding security. With further investigation it was found that in a lot of Exchange Servers have in fact been hacked, or breacedh in some manner. With this news many are talking about how you should be in the cloud, and on Office 365, because everything is safe. However, with all this talk it was interesting to learn in the last 12 months, Google, Amazon, Azure, Microsoft, and more have all had downtime’s.



On February 4, 2021, House and Senate Democrats introduced the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act of 2021. This is followed by an earlier version of the PRO Act that passed in February of 2020. If this act passed it would be the most significant labor law reform in the United States since the World War II-era. If passed this act would drastically change the landscape of employer/union relations as well as gig income or gig workers.