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Up Your Communication in 2021

With 2020 and all of the zoom meetings, we are getting burnt out with all the virtual information we are consuming. With the pandemic fueling the digital transformation (already underway in most businesses), and people being removed from physical interactions, we really need to take a look in the mirror in 2021 and focus on being more proactive to engage with one another. Bob Coppedge shares with SMB Nation his 30 by 30 campaign he is doing in 2021. Watch and learn what Bob is doing to engage with his customers, clients, and staff.

What is EOS

EOS is an operating system that is designed to help run your Entrepreneurial business. The system is comprised of a system of tools that once implemented will help drive and run your whole business. The tools help your company build on three things, vision, traction and health of the business. Once EOS is implemented it will help strengthen your company by making it possible for every team member to understand their role in working toward the goal of the company. Watch as Mark and Harry chat about the EOS system and how it can help you grow your business.

Close Partnerships with Vendors

Tim Loney has learned that close relationships with vendors reap great rewards, trust, excellent service, and pricing. As a 15 plus year StorageCraft partner Tim has been granted an award through StorageCraft for being the best performing reginal partner in South Central US. Tim has enjoyed his partnership with StorageCraft and over the years have seen many changes, however, has enjoyed the journey. Watch as Tim and Harry catch up.

Modern Deployment with Microsoft Surface

From Modern Deployment to C3 initiatives with Microsoft Joe Markert has been working to educate on the surface product family, not just the device. After exploring many of the products within the surface family Joe says there is a use case for everyone. Watch as Harry and Joe explore the surface, and what it can offer your office.

Meet Mark Henderson Leary

We welcome Mark to SMB Nation as a contributor. As a former MSP Mark has worn many hats from small business owner, tech, and business growth strategist. Currently Mark has discovered that he loves to help visionaries get out of their own way, and has started a podcast. Listen as Mark shares his story with SMB Nation.

Catch Up with Michael Fraser

Michael Fraser with Refactr shares with us what 2020 brought him and what is coming in 2021. Join Michael and Harry as they chat about 2020 and what to watch for in 2021.

Attacks on Healthcare

Criminals are specifically targeting the healthcare sector during the pandemic because they believe this industry will be more willing to pay the ransom. With the rise in patience due to Covid-19 the healthcare sector can’t be prevented from delivering healthcare or receiving patient data. With attacks on healthcare organizations rising by 45% since November according to Check Point cybersecurity has become more important than ever. Watch as Denis and Harry discuss cyber-attacks and how you can prepare to prevent them.

Bowties and Business

Tim Kubiak joins SMB Nation to share his passion project Bowties and Business. Bowties and Business is a podcast that that brings together thought leaders and experts who share their decades of first hand, real-world experience from the ground floor to the executive suite and every corner of the business world to its listeners. Tim feels this is a great way to give back to everyone whether they are just starting their career, to long time career driven listeners. Be sure to catch up and listen to Bowties and Business.

Nation Christina Foundation rebranded to Digitunity

Your used computer and or device can be a powerful way to help an individual in need. It can help someone access education, learn a new skill, help get a new job, or be active in the community. The National Christina Foundation now Digitunity is helping bridge the digital divide by giving individuals with disabilities, at-risk students, and people with economic disadvantages the opportunity to have access to and training on computer technology through the reuse of donated systems. Learn how you can get involved and clear out mini storage, or that spare room and help individuals in your community.

The Evolving MSP

MSPs have evolved beyond the traditional role of break fix and transactional service providers to a broad range of computing services. Through the years many MSPs have had to adapt to the ever changing computing industry. In the early days of computing MSPs were hired to fix things when they were broken. Over time these businesses expanded their focus to be proactive and preventative, opening up the opportunity for MSPs to added contacts, reselling and more. With so many changes with the world, technology, and life MSPs are looking at what’s next. Howard Cohen has joined us to share is new column The Evolving MSP which explores what’s next in technology for MSPs.

Predictions for 2021 with Phelim Rowe

Phelim Rowe joins SMB Nation to share his thoughts and predictions for 2021. He touches base on the skills shortage in the industry, security, and events. Join Phelim and SMB Nation as they look at Phelim’s predictions on jobs and skills and much much more in 2021.

Evolution of IT

Technology is everywhere in our lives these days. From smartphones, tablets and computers, to cloud, analytics, AI, and more, we can’t seem to function without these in our daily lives. From business products to personal use, technology has exploded leaving us lost when things don’t work. In the past information technology was all about the technology and working to automate things, but now technology has matured to being driven by information. Bob joins SMB Nation to walk us through the evolution of technology starting with humans as computers.