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I have a question about the Office 365 Message Encryption functionality. When you sent an email with this option, to a recipient outside of my organization without an account in Office 365, with the option “only encrypt” in the Outlook permission options, if the recipient does not have an account in office 365, you can request a “one-time passcode” to see the message.

But if the email has an attached document, the document receives the permissions of the encrypted email, when trying to open the attached document it must be saved in the computer. And when you open it there is no possibility of using one-time passcode, it forces you to register a Microsoft account. I would like to know if there is a possibility to open the document without registering with Microsoft. Is it possible?

Have you tried to set in Exchange Online
Set-IRMConfiguration -DecryptAttachmentForEncryptOnly $true ?

See also:

At least for some scenarios this could be a solution, you loose control on the file though (but it seems this is what is desired here anyway).


Hi short question: Is it possible to add mail encryption to Office 365 Business plan, not only the Web-client but also the fat-client (Outlook). And if it is possible which license do I have to add. And is there anything that should be done on the fat-client. I know that Outlook should have a certain update to support encryption. Thanks.


The Office version is Office 365 Office Premium and newest update.. but the menu “Permission” is as I understand only supported in Office 365 ProPlus (Enterprise plan).


 I have a customer where I am going to build an Intranet based on SharePoint Online and I have some doubts about the way I am going to structure both the information architecture and the navigation so that all sites can share a global navigation. This Intranet is mainly focused on communication so I’m thinking of using mainly Communication Sites and eventually some Team Sites but I am having doubts on how to connect these sites since they dont have any relationship between them and both modern Team Sites and Communication Sites don’t inherit a global navigation that I would like it to be security trimmed and if possible without any custom development. Here are my questions:

1. Should I use a unique site collection with subsites with Communication Site template or use separate site collections? I know that the current advice is to use Modern Team Sites and Communication Sites with hub sites connecting them but hub sites have serious limitations (not security trimmed being one of them and the other one is that for now is a bunch of links that can’t be dynamically retrieved to get all sites associated with the hub site)

2. If I use a separate site collections, how do I connect the site collections so that all Communication sites and Team Sites can share a security trimmed global navigation?
a. I know if I use a single site collection with subsites (Team Sites and Communication Sites), I can use managed metadata navigation and set the single site collection to use that managed metadata navigation? On the other hand, with hub sites the IA is not as flexible as it would be with hub sites and separate site collections
b. If I use separate site collections, I believe hub sites should be the glue but I believe I can not apply security trimming to the navigation… And in this case, I could only have one hub site and have all Modern Team Sites and Communication Sites associated with the hub (in this case, I would only have one navigation level, without any hierarchy)

3. Is megamenu already available? How can I use it in order to show a security trimmed global navigation across multiple site collections (Team Sites and Communication Sites)?

Would like to hear your ideas…

Megamenu is not yet available, but will be soon

I am enrolled as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP), have more than 30 Microsoft Certfications, have my partners site setup but have not made the partner site public. I have gone through the Microsoft CSP partner and sales training and currently am working to complete my CCNA certification.

I have an Idea that with my background in SharePoint admin and development, Windows Server Admin, Windows Networking, SQL Admin, Office 365 administration, dabbling in Azure to create Mini SharePoint Server farms, and now with the Cisco Certfications, that I may be a good fit to eventually morph into an Azure Infrastructure guy supporting SharePoint farms in Azure and hybrid.

However, at this point, the Azure infrastructure support business seems a bit of a stretch. So, I want to get started just selling and supporting Office 365. I have a comprehensive understanding of SharePoint, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, Power APPs, PowerShell, and many of the things you can do with these products to enable user and business productivity. I am aware that through my partner arrangement with SYNNEX, my distributer I can sell Office 365 subscriptions at a discount. However, I do not have a good understanding of how to market to the Internet.

I am hoping that some of you have that NEWBIE experience can give me some tips. I do have sales experience in other areas, but that experience does not seem to relate much to getting started selling Office 365.


Melvin, some thoughts
– Look at Microsoft Marketing resources; SureStep is a popular one.
– See what Synnex can offer in terms of marketing resources

Your biggest challenge is to define a target market you want to serve. Law firms under 50 in Chicagoland? Schools? Local government? SMB? Pick a market you have some knowledge of. Figure out where those decision-makers go to get information on Office 365 and show up! You’ll also want to figure out a package of services that only you can provide, to distinguish yourself from the other partners out there that also sell Office 365.

Get in touch if you want to discuss further.


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