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Wrapping 1Q2020 and Pointing Towards 2Q2020

Esteemed long-time SMB Nation contributor Joshua Liberman safely joins us from Alberque New Mexico after we had a meetup at the ChanelPro SMB Dallas event. We discuss a few lost shows such as Channel Partners and the CompTIA membership meetings. Liberman ( speculates that there will be a cascade of cancelled shows (he is correct as the ASCII Group recently postponed it Houston, TX show for late March 2020.

Coronavirus Shutters South-by-Southwest Festival

It’s a look back at the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic when the decision was made on short notice to cancel the popular South-by-Southwest (SxSW) festival stranding 400,001 people (Harry is the “one”). What interest in this segment with Kevin hunter on TechTuesday (produced by Northwest Digital News) is that this was only the start of extreme social distancing measures yet to some.

Roddy: GoRPSA

We catch-up with a friend of the SMB Nation family, Jim Roddy, former president of Business Solutions Magazine and now Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) ( Listen up to this podcast format as Roddy links the SMB Nation crowd, primarily Managed Services Providers (MSPs) with the Point-of-Sale (POS) crowd in his world. We’re more interconnected than you might imagine!

Extinction Events and the MSPs

Contributor Phelmin Rowe joins us from the UK to talk about “what’s next” for the MSP. He frames it up as a term he coined called “extinction events.” The conversation meanders into whether an MSP should be a specialist or generalist. Through in some consolidation chatter and other such nonsense.

Dwight: Why I Joined the IAMCP

Great minds think alike. Contributor Ken Dwight recently joined that Houston chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) and it was the same week Harry joined the Austin chapter! We talk about our reasons for join this trade association plus what we hope to “get” out of our participation. Its all about gives and gets when you join a trade association.

Revised Microsoft 365 Book OUT!

Contributor Alex Fields went heads down for the first part of 2020 to revise his popular book, now called “The Microsoft 365 Business Migration and Configuration Guide: Deploying, Securing and Managing Microsoft 365 Business” that you can discover more about HERE. The main addition was migration content in this updated edition. Watch the amazing Alex in this chat HERE. And as a bonus, he shares a dashboard that is tracking the coronavirus outbreak HERE.

Down Under – Aussie MSP Response to COVID-19

Long-time contributor Michael Jenkin weighs in from Adelaide, Australia with how, following the recent big fires, the coronavirus pandemic is impacting his business and that of his customers. Pay special attention to the interview where we talk about the economic multiplier effect in the technology supply chain. And be sure to go over the check out his amazing YouTube channel with geek stuff (!

Wilson: Working Remotely But Still Going To Small Meetings

Off to Southern California we went to interview MSP Denis Wilson about his business model. Like other MSPs, Wilson benefits from automation and remote management tools. He has one client that’s not in the best position to be completely remote so that’s an exception as Wilson responds to the coronavirus pandemic. Catch where Wilson comments he still goes to small business meeting gatherings such as the Rotary Lunch. Watch the interview.

Early Decisions Made and Clear Communications

Long-time SMB Nation member LC Dohn sent out the first customer-facing coronavirus communication we witnessed about how her MSP practice, NetWeb Computer Consulting, is handling its internal operations to safely serve its customers in the Alpharetta, Georgia-area. Fortunately, Dohn’s workflow was 70%+ remote work already with tools like remote management and monitoring. Her client email placed an emphasis on tracking the COVID-19 matter via sites from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Bonus – Dohn is an adjunct instructor at a local college and is teaching her Microsoft technical curriculum online too!

Weiss: Financial Markets and MSPs

Long-time contributor Josh Weiss from LA Creative Tech in Southern California shares some insights on the stock market volatility and whether is does/does not impact the local Managed Services Provider (MSP). It’s a multi-faceted conversation. Weiss shares that his large real estate client could well be impacted. The conversation shifts to counter-cyclical opportunities.

Sanders: See You At Sea!

Community leader Scott Sanders from the IT Business Owners Group has a great (and as he says “crazy”) idea: an at-sea technology conference. We double-click down into the “411” on his late Summer 2020 conference cruise. He’ll have both lecture/content and of course fun. Give his cruise your consideration. The details are here (

Where in the World is Frank?

Esteemed analyst Frank Ohlhorst updates us on recent conferences that he’s covered including NetApp over in London. Listen intently as Ohlhorst educates us on NetApp, an ISV that isn’t commonly thought of in the SMB Nation Managed Services Provider (MSP) membership. Well 900+ people can be wrong. Catch the conversation at mid-point where Ohlhorst gives insights into Brexit being a topic of discussion.