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By Jon Bove | January 09, 2019

At many organizations, discussions around deploying and managing new IT and cybersecurity solutions are often met with confusion. Many companies, especially in the SMB space, do not have dedicated IT and cybersecurity teams. This means technical resources are strained when it comes to selecting, deploying, implementing, and securing infrastructure.

To effectively compete in today’s digital marketplace, organizations of all sizes are turning to technology to automate manual tasks, extend reach, analyze data, and perform other business enablement tasks. While these solutions, including cloud platforms and SaaS applications, provide organizations with the resources and efficiencies they need to expand their business beyond what they normally could sustain with their current resources, they also drastically increase complexity—not only network complexity, such as the challenges of maintaining visibility and compliance while managing disparate solutions, but also operational complexity for IT teams needing to manage an increasingly distributed and continuously evolving set of networked environments.

As organizations seek ways to reduce this operational complexity, partners who can assist in selecting and integrating tools and streamlining security processes can play a critical role in their ability to succeed in today’s markets. This is place where Fortinet partners can provide value in simplifying and securing the networks of their customers, while growing their own business.

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