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How to Build a Home TV studio

Working from home, social distancing, and online meetings, are new territories for most of us. Whether you’re doing a video chat from a home office or a meeting from the park everyone has access to a live TV studio from their laptop or phone anywhere anytime as long as they have internet access. With your life being essentially on display it is important you look your best, after all you only get one first impression. A few of the ways you can make a great not only first impression but lasting impression is through, proper infrastructure (ditch your wireless connection), make sure you have good audio, lighting is super important (make sure that it allows you to be warm and clear), make sure you have a camera. Watch as Carl and Harry discuss how to build out a professional home studio.

Payroll Tax Deferment

You may have heard that the president’s executive order for a payroll tax deferral went into effect on Sept. 1, 2020. This order states that from September 1st to the end of the year employees can defer payment on their Social Security Tax that is taken out of your paycheck. To start, it’s not mandatory, and employees still owe the deferred money. During the first part of next year, employees will have to repay the amount deferred to the IRS no later than April 30, 2021. Get the ins and outs of how the tax deferral will work, and how it may effect you and your clients.

Continued Learning

During these uncertain times we need to make sure we are staying competitive, by innovating, adapting, and continuing to learn. There are so many learning opportunities at your finger tips from Microsoft Learn and Bigger Brains (an online learning platform) to local colleges and universities. Learning new knowledge or skills will help employees see things in a new light and help take organizations to the next level. Companies and or organizations need to be onboard and help create learning culture. Another way other than learning programs to integrate learning into your company is to bring in an intern who can not only help but bring in new skills and talent to your workforce. Watch as Harry and Andrew Bettany chat about continued learning in reference to IF – By Rudyard Kipling.

Managed Service Tiering Levels

Selling managed services is not easy, and like any service offering, it takes a lot of time, resources, and dedication. Many new and even some seasoned MSPs have questions on tier levels, bundling, and even pricing. Structuring your bundles/tier levels correctly can be vital to the success of your business. If you charge too much, you risk scaring customers away — charge too little, and you cheat yourself. Too many plan options confuse customers, while too few limits your market. Along with planning your bundles learning how to talk to clients about the process, helping them understand the value, training your sales team, and serving the client can help with the bundling process. Watch as Harry and Josh discuss tiering and how you can structure your levels and what you can offer within each tier.

Dharma Virus

Our virus duo (Michael Jenkin and Ken Dwight) take over SMB Nation to chat about the new developments in the malware and security field. These two explore a virus that has been around since 2016 and has been reappearing with new versions regularly during recent years. Dharma is a new variant of Crysis – a high-risk ransomware-type virus. Following successful infiltration of your system, Dharma encrypts stored files using asymmetric cryptography. Small businesses and bigger organizations should also be cautious as the Dharma ransomware virus keeps presenting new file extensions and have recently infected two large companies forcing them to pay the ransomware. Be sure to have and verify your backups on a regular bases to make sure they are running and protecting your data to prevent loss of data. Watch as Ken and Michael give some great tip and information on the Dharma virus and how you can protect your clients.

Lateral Movement

In today’s security landscape, cyber security threats to businesses are becoming more sophisticated than ever. Hackers are developing tools that allow them to easily gain basic access to your data and files, through phishing attacks, malware infections, and ransomware. Through scanning thousands of computers at a time hackers are able to target their victims using software and tools to gain higher privileges and access not only to the infected computer but between devices within the network. This technique is called “Lateral movement” which is a technique used by hackers to systematically move through a network in search of accessing the crown jewels. Sometimes these hackers will take months to work their way through the network to gain access to extract the information they need. Watch as Ken and Michael go over how you can protect yourself and your clients from lateral movement.