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By Fortinet | January 01, 2019

The Internet has transformed human society at a historically unprecedented rate. Today, the transactions, applications, and data flowing across the Internet from and to billions of connected and interconnected devices have become critical for businesses, consumers, and governments. However, our growing reliance on the resulting digital economy also exposes us to a new range of risks and threats never even anticipated less than 50 years ago. As networks continue to undergo digital transformation to accommodate today’s and tomorrow’s business and social requirements, an equal transformation in how we secure this pervasive environment must also occur.

The Rapid Evolution of the Internet

The growth of the Internet is unprecedented by any other invention in all of human history. And by most estimates, we are just at the beginning. With the rapid adoption of IoT devices, for example, many experts predict that there will be four devices connected to the Internet for every human being on earth by 2020. That rate of growth is both a blessing and a curse. While we can now provide critical data, information, and solutions to the farthest flung corners of the earth, keeping up with tracking, managing, and securing all of these devices is overwhelming the resources of many organizations.

In a short time, these and new devices we have barely begun to even conceive of, will be connected—and interconnected—in ways no one could have possibly anticipated. And if history is any guide, the size of the networked landscape and the volume of data flowing through today’s networks will not just continue to grow, but continue to grow exponentially.

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