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Malware AbstractEMU

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more crafty every day, with the most recent tactic being to infect mobile devices. Although mobile malware is not currently as prevalent as malware attacks on traditional workstations the threat is growing. Earlier this year researchers discovered a new malware campaign named AbstractEMU which was geared at targeting mobile users through app stores. This malware was developed to obtain permission to silently modify the device, collect data, without any user interactions.

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What’s in store for 2022 in the Industry

As the new year starts many businesses look to improve revenue streams, change business models, and improve their business practices. In many ways 2022 will follow these trends with MSP’s looking at the channel and saying how am I going to grow my business, get involved, and or change the way I am doing things. With this there’s going to be a lot of acquisitions as normal. Although, this year will look like business as usual in many aspects, there is some hype around metaverses, and how to bring it into MSP businesses as an offering, how to make money with it, and how to sell it.

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A Sit Down with Acronis’s CEO Patrick Pulvermueller

In July of 2022 industry veteran Patrick Pulvermueller joined Acronis as there CEO. With an extensive background in product development, a stint at GoDaddy and many executive positions in his career Pulvermueller is a great fit. Harry gets a moment at the Acronis Cyberfit conference to chat with Patrick about the three things he is focusing on in his new role and what he sees for the future of Acronis.
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National Society of IT Service Providers

Legislation and regulations are consistently changing. With IT being a hot topic, many believe that regulation and legislation are coming to the MSP community. Rayanne Buchianico has joined forces with Karl Palachuk and many other IT professionals, to get involved and influence legislators to transform the industry into a profession. Learn more about ITSP and how you can get involved.

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Gokan Ozcifci

Gokan Ozcifci SharePoint infrastructure consultant for Neoxy Gokan Ozcifci is an independent SharePoint infrastructure consultant for Neoxy where he assists clients with the design, implementation, maintenance, documentation, operations, configuration, administration...