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Building a Community base on Strong Relationships

Building a community starts with a culture that is focused on strong relationships, that help build referrals. Alignable is an online network community that focuses on just that. It helps connect small business owners across North America to drive leads and prospects, generate referrals, land new business, build trusted relationships, and share great advice. Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation sits down with Beatrice Phillips of THE ALPHA GROUP INTERNATIONAL who received the Business Person of the Year award in Orlando, to discuss the best kept secret to grow your business.

How to Wow Your Customers

When was the last time you bought a product or received a service where you went wow, this is really cool? In today’s ever changing world it have become harder and harder to wow your customers. Wowing your customers goes beyond just caring for customers, it takes more than doing what you promised. This may seem simple and obvious, but in the hustle and bustle of daily work, it’s often overlooked. However, we have found that the simple things or personal touches such as hand written notes, or picking up the phone and calling the customer can create a wow experience.

Building Relationships as a Small Business Owner

Every successful executive and entrepreneur will tell you, their most important asset is their network, and not their social media network but the network of people they actually know and work with. Not only does relationship building pertain to individuals it also plays a huge role in a businesses success. Weather you are a small or big business the customers you have and the relationships you build directly relate to your growth and profit
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