What is NIST?

What is NIST?

I’m constantly amazed at how little I know the wiser and more experienced I get. Case in point. A couple weeks ago I attended the SolarWinds Empower 2019 conference in Atlanta. During a partner panel conversation, the term NIST arose (and I didn’t know what it means – hey – I only know what I know). So as you might imagine, I quickly searched on my laptop while the panelist were speaking.

Security Awareness Training has the HOT HAND!

Contributor Denis Wilson talks about the importance of staff training as a first defense against the bad guys in the cybersecurity realm. It’s a surpsiingly profitable revenue opportunity to provide security awareness training to clients. And you’ll feel good along the way providing an incredibly valuable service to your client. The “process” includes several steps starting with short Web-based training resources followed by…you’ll have to watch the vid for the rest LOL!

New Security Startup from Longtime Player

Community members will remember Mike Hanauer for his stewardship at Datto. Now he’s a force behind security startup SKOUT as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) . SKOUT is leading the way with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning “augmentation” to provide relevant cybersecurity skills for humans. How cool is that!?!?! Watch this vid to connect the dots between the human factor (e.g. WetWare between the ears) and analyzing security events, resulting in alerts that led to remediation.

What Partners should do in a CyberAttack!

A lot of partners make mistakes in the first 24-hours of trying to help customers in a CyberAttack, according to Justin Kalhoff (founder of Infogressive).
• Do not turn computers off (for example – there is forensic information in RAM memory that provides clues)
• Do not install software
• Don’t dirty up the crime scene
• And more tips in this MUST WATCH interview!