Corruption of Onsite Backup

Data loss is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business world. With many companies transitioning employees to work from home, and ransomware in full swing it is more important than ever to protect your backups from corruption. Without consistent, reliable backups, valuable company data can be lost forever, so choosing a backup method that will work effectively is important for your clients business’s survival. Weather you choose to store your data onsite or offsite there are some easy steps you can take to safeguard your clients backup. Watch as Larry and Harry chat about simple steps you can take to help preserve your clients backup. Remember your disaster recovery plan depends on backups, so it’s important to make sure your backup process works.

Anatomy of Ransomware Attach

Ransomware is something that has been talked about for quite awhile and has been one of the biggest issues in terms of IT security in the last two years. Although, many people think that Ransomware is a one shot deal, in reality it is a much more detailed process to remove and or get rid of the Ransomware. Watch as Ken Dwight goes through the process of Ransomware, targeting of the machine, how the malware gets on your computer, what hackers harvest, how to secure a machine, and much much more.

Time to go back to school?

Harry is joined by Michael Fraser to discuss higher education and its benefits. Its been one year since Michael graduated with his masters degree, and he explains the pros and cons of higher education and how it has helped him win contracts through the government. Watch and learn how Harry and Michael have grown through education, certificates and continued education. With the current economic state is it time to go (back) to school?

Tech Tuesday: Your You Tube Journey

Harry is joined by Kevin Hunter, Carey Holzman, and Tom Benkert to discuss how to start a profitable YouTube channel. They explore the steps to starting your channel as well as some great tips and tricks to building your audience (you must know your audience before producing content). They also share the power of You Tube and the search within google for years to come. Watch and learn how to grow an profitable You Tube Channel.

The Virus Doctor: Different Families of Malware

Ken Dwight joins Harry Brelsford to discuss the different families of malware. They start off the conversation in 2003 with Crypto locker (the first widespread Ransomware) and go onto explore the last 7 years where thousands of Ransomware or Families of Ransomware have been developed and or transformed. They go on to discuss the 8 major families that are prevalent today. Listen to the Interview HERE to learn more about the different families of Ransomware and how they are ever evolving.