Time to go back to school?

Harry is joined by Michael Fraser to discuss higher education and its benefits. Its been one year since Michael graduated with his masters degree, and he explains the pros and cons of higher education and how it has helped him win contracts through the government. Watch and learn how Harry and Michael have grown through education, certificates and continued education. With the current economic state is it time to go (back) to school?

Tech Tuesday: Your You Tube Journey

Harry is joined by Kevin Hunter, Carey Holzman, and Tom Benkert to discuss how to start a profitable YouTube channel. They explore the steps to starting your channel as well as some great tips and tricks to building your audience (you must know your audience before producing content). They also share the power of You Tube and the search within google for years to come. Watch and learn how to grow an profitable You Tube Channel.

RSPA Announces: Academy Education Symposium August 26-27

Harry Brelsford is joined by Jim Roddy as he announces the first RSPA Academy Education Symposium on August 26-27. This conference was built on exploring new ideas and opportunities focused on the retail, restaurant, and grocery verticals. If you are looking to move your business forward in these uncertain times be sure to invest forward and attend this conference. You will walk away with a plan on how to adjust and reemerge from Covid.

Buzz Word Alert: Dark Mode

Buzz Word Alert: Dark Mode

If we’re anything as technologists, we’re addicted to buzz words! One term I’ve been hearing with increasing frequency is dark mode. Arguably it was Apple leading the parade on this user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) concept but other ISVs have quickly jumped...