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Sometimes MSPs need to step outside – literally – and see what the weather is like. Its all too easy to go inward focused on security setting, filters and the such. A real worldism is in order with Winter hitting hard in much of the US. As I write this, my hometown of Seattle is under warning for a weekend Snowmageddon and the Central US is just coming out of a polar vortex.

Is there a security conversation here? Yes! Public safety is a security matter in my eyes.

As you can see I’ve charged my external batteries in anticipation of power outages that are likely to hit intermittently.

Figure 1: Stratocent, a Kirkland, Washington MSP with a strong security practice, gave me an Anker mobile battery at a recent trade show to keep me safe and secure. MSPs and MSSPS reading this should consider this “toy” as a booth giveaway at tradeshows to get customers on your carpet.

Jim Bachaud, CEO of Stratocent, is a contributor to Microsoft 365 Nation.

The bottom line is this. Be the overall trusted security advisor to your clients and cover their backside beyond traditional security. Fit them with mobile batteries so that they stay connect, productive and ultimately safe.

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