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When moving your organization to cloud services, security concerns add another layer of consideration; one of trust. You have to be able to trust your service provider with processing the data that you provide to the service provider through your use of the online service, which is “your data.” Security, compliance, and privacy in Office 365 has two equally important dimensions:

  • The first dimension includes Microsoft-managed service-level capabilities that include technologies, operational procedures, and policies that are enabled by default.
  • The second dimension includes customer-managed controls that enable you to customize your Office 365 environment based on the specific needs of your organization, while still maintaining security and compliance.

Security and compliance is an ongoing process, not a steady state. It is constantly maintained, enhanced, and verified by highly-skilled, experienced and trained personnel. We strive to keep software and hardware technologies up to date through robust processes. To help keep Office 365 security at the top of the industry, we use processes such as the Security Development Lifecycle; we also employ techniques that throttle traffic and prevent, detect, and mitigate breaches.

For the latest information on Office 365 security and compliance, visit the Office 365 Trust Center.

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