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Microsoft Office 365 is already dominant in the marketplace and is poised to surpass 75% market share this year. The cloud-based productivity suite interacts with a vast amount of corporate data including email (Outlook Online), individual file storage (OneDrive), and even financials (Excel Online). Its built-in security tools are helpful but inadequate, and organizations would do well to ask a few questions before they deploy Office 365:§Are the people accessing data through Office 365 my employees? Stolen credentials are a major source of data loss, and privileged users have traditionally been trusted across the network after logging in once. A simple username and password are not adequate.§What information can be shared from Office 365, and with whom? Like most cloud solutions, the default setting in Office 365 is unlimited sharing of files and other data internally and externally. Organizations must be strategic about how to prevent data loss.§Is my email protected from delivery of malware? More than 90% of malware is still delivered by email, and email threats have become more sophisticated. Organizations must consider whether Microsoft’s email security is adequate, or whether the Office 365 environment should be protected with a secure email gateway (SEG).The best solution is an integrated approach that eliminates silos and brings all elements of security together. The Fortinet Security Fabric is a consistently highly rated solution that brings the whole security infrastructure under a single pane of glass.