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Most Managed Services Providers (MSPs) know the famous business cartoon trip “Dilbert” with happy hearts. There is one cartoon about writing your password on a yellow stick note (from 3M) and placing it on your computer monitor. That’s hardly password security! With the annual World Password Day – this is an opportunity to revisit password best practices.

Given the growing sophistication of modern threats, we here at Fortinet often spend time discussing cutting edge technology and strategies to secure today’s complex, evolving, and highly distributed networks. However, everyday cybersecurity efforts often come down to something much simpler: passwords.

Promoting Data and Network Security on World Password Day 

Insecure or inadequate passwords are an easy target for cyber criminals. Accessing a network using a stolen password is much easier than trying to break in through edge security protocols. Attackers can uncover or bypass weak passwords using brute force attacks, inject compromised credentials to gain access to user accounts using credential stuffing attacks, or leverage a host of other strategies to hijack user accounts to steal personal or corporate data.

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