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Granted you could assert that cloud migrations are a maturing motion over the past five years. Initially it was a gold rush to move everyone to cloud from on-premises. Fair enough. There was a thought concerning the following: is there anything left to migrate? The answer is yes – of course.

According to a 2018 Cloud Computing Survey by IDG, 73% of organizations already have at least one application or some portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud, with an additional 17% planning to do so within the next 12 months. In line with that revelation, 42% of organizations are using multi cloud. In addition, enterprise organizations have budgeted an average of $3.5 million for cloud investments for the coming year, an increase of nearly 36%.

Further, more than one third of respondents (38%) shared that their IT department feels pressure to migrate 100% to the cloud, which reflects the view of executive management at technology-dependent industries—including manufacturing, high-tech, and telecom—which are already driving toward becoming 100% cloud-enabled.

What this means is, except for new startups that already have an entirely cloud-based infrastructure, 90% of organizations are either actively migrating their infrastructure and/or applications to the cloud. Which also means that they are trying to bridge their business processes, applications, and workflows between their local physical network and WAN-based branch offices with and one or more networks residing in the public cloud.

The challenge is ensuring that data, workflows, and applications can move quickly and seamlessly across and between these different physical and virtual environments. And from a security perspective, this also requires creating a consistent security posture across all local and cloud-based resources so that policies and enforcement can follow and protect those transactions.

Unfortunately, given the ad-hoc nature of most security deployments, many security policies simply cannot be consistently implemented

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