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We are an industry of acronyms, like it or not. In fact, you can hardly attend an industry conference today where Software Defined – Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) speeches are not on the schedule. Much like a medical doctor staying current, you have to do the same. What follows is a primer on SD-WAN solutions.

The SD-WAN market is experiencing rapid growth, with about 50% of organizations expected to have deployed SD-WAN by the end of 2019. But since it relies on direct internet access, SD-WAN introduces security risk, especially when compared to their previous MPLS connections.  And given the current state of today’s threat landscape, security can no longer be looked at as something one does after the deployment of an SD-WAN. Instead, it needs to be baked into the architecture.

To address this challenge, organizations concerned about the risks of the public internet and bolt-on security are looking for a security-driven networking approach that enables secure SD-WAN out of the box. Fortinet was one of the first vendors to introduce “Secure SD-WAN” (in 2016) to deliver fully integrated, security-driven networking capabilities. Fortinet also delivered the industry’s first SD-WAN ASIC, enabling best-of-breed NGFW in the same offering without comprising performance and scalability.

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