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A can’t resist having some Fall fun. Many Microsoft 365 Nation readers are old enough to recall the popular Vermont-based band called Phish (kids won’t get this). In fact, kids only know “phishing” as an technology attack vector. Fair enough. In the blog below, Raymond Chang does an excellent job of identifying three criminal behaviors that can help you secure your technology by seeing threats from a new perspective.

Chang shares: “As a threat researcher, I have learned that continually monitoring malicious activities often provides unique insights into criminal behavior. This is due to three things.

First, threat actors tend to be more like sheep than mavericks because they work in clusters. I don’t mean they work together; but when a particular attack strategy yields some success, you will soon see a lot of criminals targeting the same opportunity. Solving that problem means that you can shut down a lot of criminal activity in one fell swoop.

Second, cybercriminals tend to do the same things over and over again. Our recent Fortinet Threat Landscape Report for Q1 of 2019 showed that a surprising number of attackers use the exact same web-based infrastructure, and leverage those resources at the exact same step on their attack cycle. Learn those patterns and you can begin to see and even anticipate an attack before it is even launched.

And finally, they sometimes just make mistakes that uncover a process that might never be seen otherwise.


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