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As a frequent sage on the stage at events, I often talk high-level stuff (such as in a keynote). Can you have guns and butter (a well-known economic model)? In the blog below, Fredrick Harris offers you can accelerate your cloud security strategy without compromising protection. This good read starts here: “Attacking web applications is the most common tactic used in data breaches, accounting for 52% of compromises. This trend has been true for the past several years in a row. And due to organization’s growing reliance on web applications, this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. The reality is that every new application deployed in the cloud expands the potential attack surface and the number of possible entry points into the network.


As organizations increasingly rely on web applications to compete in the digital marketplace, this potential exposure through compromised web applications continues to grow. Part of the difficulty in addressing this challenge, however, is that many organizations lack centralized visibility into their cloud environments, which only compounds legitimate concerns about being blindsided by a breach.


Organizations are looking to overcome this challenge so they can continue to leverage the benefits of dynamic scalability, flexibility, cost advantages and agile development strategies that the cloud uniquely offers. And organizations are seeking these benefits without compromising visibility or their critical security profile.


The other side of the security challenge is one of expectations. Enterprises that choose to host their applications in the cloud often erroneously assume that they don’t need to worry about security. What they need to understand is that while the cloud provider secures the underlying infrastructure, the customer is responsible for securing their applications and data.


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