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We’re toasting in celebration as we turn the corner on almost one year of the Microsoft 365 Nation!  Actually it’s a lot more than that if you credit us for our four years of the Office 365 Nation community that appropriately morphed into Microsoft 365 Nation. Hey – time change and so do we.

Let’s revisit what we’re all about.

We fancy ourselves as independent ombudsman in the Microsoft realm. We’re Seattle-based with access to the hallways of Redmond and such. We are “woke” and we wake up each morning monitoring Microsoft on behalf of the community. Don’t get us wrong. We love what Microsoft has done but its always a case of “trust but verify” with the Big M.

Here are our concerns.

First – too many trade groups and associations co-opt their original missions as they mature and start to receive funding from the very entities that they purport to monitor. That’s an unhealthy imbalance that leads to unbridled house organ support and loss of objectivity. Sad.

Second – community communication is a two-way street. We need to understand more about you and what you’d like to see/read/hear from us. We take our jobs seriously and hope that you’ll join us in the same spirit. As a community, we all benefit. So here is the deal. Can you take a few minutes to complete a SURVEY HERE so that we can provide the goodness you hope for.

This community is underwritten and supported by the Fortinet MSP partner program. Thank you!