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One of the major announcements at the recent Continuum Navigate conference in Pittsburgh was “Fortify” – an expanded managed device and response (MDR) solution. The partnership of Continuum and Fortinet to bring this to market couldn’t come at a better time. Essentially the enhanced MDR solution allows Managed Services Providers to protect “themselves” given the trend where cyber attackers are using the one-to-many relationship (MSPs have many clients) as a gateway for customer attacks. You can view our coverage at Microsoft 365 Nation on this trend of penetrating the MSP operations to gain access to the client portfolio (in particular, see ”Dwight Texas Tango and the MSP Attack Vector” segment).

The new MDR enhancements, powered by Fortinet, will help MSPs streamline their cybersecurity processes and better protect their customers with automated correlation across security tools for quicker identification of threats and the ability to identify and disrupt attacks faster.

As MSPs are a growing focus of attacks, Continuum has also introduced a new product, Fortify for the MSP, allowing them to apply the power of Fortify to their own environments and protect themselves. By enabling partners with this new product, MSPs become part of the solution to SMB cybersecurity that has the end goal in mind: providing security their clients demand.

“For MSPs, streamlining processes with advanced MDR capabilities is necessary for effective and proactive cyber threat protection,” says Aaron Sherrill, senior analyst, 451 Research. “Continuum Fortify’s new MDR capabilities are well positioned to provide the support and visibility MSPs need to secure their customers environments in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape.”

“We set out to create a unified and fully managed set of protections for MSPs to defend their own environment and make it easier for them to provide cybersecurity solutions that reduce false positives and provide more accurate identification of issues, but at a lower overhead cost for the MSP,” says Brian Downey, vice president, security product at Continuum. “Fortify, with the latest MDR extensions, reflects Continuum’s commitment to enabling MSPs to better protect the end-user by proactively identifying threats and keeping their customers secure – and that is an outcome that makes them look like a hero.”

The expanded Fortify solution will also include:

  • Deep network and server log monitoring and correlation
  • A single platform experience and intuitive interface across tools, built on BrightGauge
  • Comprehensive client value reporting capabilities
  • Expanded Office365 and Windows domain monitoring
  • Integration with the entire Fortify solution

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