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Moving and or relocation to a new office space is an involved process with many things to think about. You’ve got office furniture, difficult to pack electronics, and multiple rooms worth of supplies and inventory to get packed up and make sure they get to the correct persons work space upon arrival at the new office.    You also can’t forget to transfer utilities, internet, and other location specific items.   Not to mention usually, you are on a time restraint to do this (you can’t exactly shut down operations for a week to sort things out). An office relocation is a lot of work, regardless of the size of your company. With typical companies spending an excess of $10,000 per employee during a relocation this can be a great opportunity for MSP’s.  Not only is it a great opportunity for a fresh start, but moving offices can kick-start a company into assessing the way it operates; maybe you want to work to more remote workers; or reevaluate technology, products and office supplies; and open up ways in which you can cut back on costs.

Bill Dillion is back to chat with SMB Nation about the opportunities associated with a relocation.