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Would you be willing to take a pay cut to continue to work from home after the pandemic? With many people working from during the pandemic the question has arisen on weather companies will allow workers to continue to work from home, and will companies reduce employee’s compensation if they choose to work from home? With the seismic shift taking place in our world many employees are contemplating working remotely permanently. Although, many employees are contemplating working from home, many are asking if it will be worth it. With working from home employees can dramatically cut their cost, from reduce transportation cost, reduced day to day expenditures, potential tax breaks from working from home, and reduced costs of on wardrobes. Even with all the reduced cost to employees, the question is will it be worth it if the company reduces my compensation. Employees also have to take into account, employee interaction, and collaboration, along with job visibility, and showing your initiative and will this effect job promotions. Watch as Thomas and Harry chat about the future of work.