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Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute. With so many people living busy lives, and managing a million things it  makes it more important than even to grab your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more.  You may be asking yourself how do I do that?  Instead of pitching your products or services, try content marketing.  Content marketing is marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.  These materials include things like educational articles, e-books, videos, entertainment, that answer specific questions people have. Sometimes these materials do not even have anything to do with your product.  By becoming a credible resource on topics that matter to potential customers, your business is more likely to get discovered by the right audience and earn their loyalty and trust – which, in turn, enables your brand to strengthen its customer relationships, grow an active and engaged subscriber base, and even increase your profits.  Watch and learn how Bob Coppedge has put content marketing into his business and his tips and tricks.