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Consistently finding the right person to hire has continued to perplex and frustrate hiring managers and employees.    With many people looking for jobs, many ask why is it so hard to hire?  According to research done by social media giant LinkedIn, 50% of job candidates applying for entry-level positions aren’t even showing up for their interviews!  Not to mention,  many companies receive hundreds of resumes for one job listing, and the majority of resumes are not applicable to the job.  We meet up with Mike Menefee as he share some of his insights into hiring.   Mike shares with us after glazing over hundreds of resumes that some qualified candidates  haven’t been trained or haven’t taken the time or care to look over the resume. There’s a ton of spelling issues, grammatical errors and not updated resumes.  Watch and learn more. 


Video Transcription


Harry Brelsford  0:02 

Hey Nation Nation. I’m here with Mike Mike bike. I like the way you have your screen. Your screen.


Michael Menefee  0:11 

Everybody hacks my last name.


Harry Brelsford  0:13 

There we go. So Hello. Hey, good to see you again. And thank you in rehearsal for reminding me that you what I have talked about the the D&H shows in Hershey, Pennsylvania boy, this word the day is that’s fine.


Michael Menefee  0:26 

Yeah. Hopefully they start up again soon.


Harry Brelsford  0:29 

Yeah, yeah, I agree. So hey, quickly, tell us who are you what, where are you located? What’s your company? Then I have a question about recruiting. Hi.


Michael Menefee  0:38 

My name is  Michael Menefee, we are in Baltimore, Maryland. I own and run a family it managed services business called A Plus it group. We serve as Baltimore and the surrounding metropolitan area. being located in the Mid Atlantic, we kind of cover multiple states because they’re really not that far from us. Yeah. Kind of Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, obviously Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia. A little bit of West Virginia.


Harry Brelsford  1:10 

Excellent. So you and I traded notes, your hirings so so tell me what what are you hiring for? And what are your challenges in recruiting right now.


Michael Menefee  1:20 

So we’re always hiring. You know, for good personnel. We’re always looking at resumes to look for that next great recruit for expansion. But it’s just been absolutely terrible. Everything from trying to find good senior level technicians, even even like a you know, a good tier one, tier two technician is extremely difficult. You send out you put out your ads and you pay hundreds of dollars on these different services, you get hundreds if not more resumes. The resumes that you get are everything from warehouse workers to fast food line workers. With with a few actual IT professionals peppered in the resumes you get are lackluster, even, you know, so I’m sure you end up glazing over on some qualified candidates just for the simple fact that these people haven’t been trained or haven’t taken the time or care to look over the resume. There’s a ton of spelling issues, grammatical, grammatical errors. You know, their their list of experiences still has things like Windows 98 on them. And you know, that’s great. I know windows 98 as well. But that’s not a very marketable skill set at this time, you know, in life. So finding someone is extremely difficult. In here in the Mid Atlantic, it’s that much more difficult because we have government and a lot of large government contractors. So people are looking for those extreme gravy jobs, or those very compartmentalised jobs and finding somebody in the MSP space is very difficult because they they need to be for lack of better terms and jack of all trades.


Harry Brelsford  3:13 

Yeah, I, I it’s you know, I’ve written about becoming a consultant now called an MSP. In the old days, I was an IT consultant, but


Michael Menefee  3:25 

I remember those, that’s when I started.


Harry Brelsford  3:26 

Yeah, it is we say carried carry the bag, really enjoyed it. enjoyed the variety, but specifically, yeah, it’s an MSP that joins a small company has to one of my books use the paradigm of professional services called finder minder grinder and it’s hard to find that person that can do all three and I’m not sure I did all three very well, back in the day, I was a pretty good finder, and a pretty good grinder but I always needed a little support staff or somebody behind me to manage the business the minder thing. And I suspect that’s one of your challenges, right? You said where a lot of hats we’re having this we’re having the same conversation? Yes,


Michael Menefee  4:10 

yes. For sure.


Harry Brelsford  4:12 

Yeah, it’s it’s hard and I saw people who were really good at it a great plains dynamics consultant I worked with side by side one of the few people that could do all three and so where I landed my quiz and even in my own recruiting, find your mind your grinder pick two. Okay, just so I can find people who do two of them and then I have to like backfill


Unknown Speaker  4:36 

in the third Yeah. as well. But it’s it’s a finding these people that that actually want to work and yeah, and enjoy the industry. I mean, you know, a lot of the older guys myself, you know, included. They’re a little hard to find and find Um, that that they still want to get out there and as you say grind every day is difficult. younger generation is not much of the form the grind the side as much as they want to delegate everything.


Harry Brelsford  5:11 

Yeah. Yeah, it’s it’s it’s just really different. Hey, so let’s wrap up, where can people who are listening and again I, I hope I can be part of the solution not the problem, but where can they go to get more information? What’s your URL?


Michael Menefee  5:26 

Our URL is on there, there’s a Contact Us page. We just revamped our website a short while ago, we have not got the employment page back up yet. So they can go to the Contact Us page. They can also email support at  Like I said, we are hiring for skilled, second tier level techs. We are also always looking for good sales people. Right now. We’re also actually looking for a in office, an admin assistant.


Harry Brelsford  6:06 

All right, well, my resume is in your inbox, my friend. Good to chat with you. Thank you very much. All right. Stay in touch. Thank you. You too. Bye.