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IATIAM is an association of IT asset managers that was started back in 2002.   This association started off with a focus on compliance issues, to help educate small businesses on what they needed to remain compliant with their software. Since then IATIAM has  grown their curriculum and best practices to include seven certification courses, which lead to a master’s program at the university level. Currently IATIAM is in 126 countries and has almost 90,000 individuals.  Watch and learn more about IATIAM

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:01 

Hey, hey nation nation, Harry here with Dr. Barb How you doing?


Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  0:07 

Good. How are you?


Harry Brelsford  0:08 

Good, good. You know we were talking just the other day we’ve known each other maybe 15 years it goes fast used to come to the SMB Nation fall conference. Thank you. That was fun. So we want to reintroduce here to the the SMB Nation audience, we’re talking, IAITAM the International Association of it asset managers. Hello, world. What does it attempt?


Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  0:33 

What is IAITAM? We are an association of it asset managers. We started back in 2002. And we started with the compliance issues. So our first theme, which was when we met was educate don’t litigate compliance. So small businesses understand what they needed to remain compliance with their software. Since then, of course, we’ve grown with best practices, seven certification courses, which lead to a master’s program at the university level. We’re in 126 countries and database of 80 to 90,000. Individuals.


Harry Brelsford  1:17 



Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  1:19 

That was a very short synopsis. We have a lot more going on than that. But check out our website for for that.


Harry Brelsford  1:26 

yeah, no, I’m looking at it. Yeah, I’ve always enjoyed your commitment to the certification process, the education process, I’m looking at it over there. Give me an example of one of the certifications that might pop into the realm of the SMB Nation and, you know, maybe less than or pricey, if you could give me an example.


Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  1:46 

Okay, so our CCM, which is our software is our most popular, and will help all businesses of any size that helps you understand all your software licenses. One of my coin phrases out there is if you’re not managing your technology, you’re not managing your business. There’s not a we can talk about that later on. But


Harry Brelsford  2:08 

yeah, we will


Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  2:10 

business out there that can survive without technology, no matter how big or how small. And they need to understand how that impacts their business directly in the software. certificate certification really helps them understand what they have and how to use it, and how to get the most value for their business. And a lot of businesses miss that.


Harry Brelsford  2:38 

Yeah, yeah, I would concur. I would concur. And the sophistication level has certainly got up over the last decade and the SMBs need to behave like a mini enterprise now is, you know, our audience at SMB Nation is primarily the channel partner, that managed services provider, are they welcome in your organization, I mean, I get IT Pro. So I get the IT pro thing, but I want to make sure my audience would feel welcome.


Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  3:06 

Um, we have members that have five employees, and we have members that have 500,000 employees are in that range. So you know, everybody’s welcome. Anybody that has technology is welcome. Because everybody has to manage their technology. And they have to have that, that foundation to manage their technology. And that’s for everybody. We want everybody to succeed and get the most value for for their business.


Harry Brelsford  3:38 

Yep. So your trade association a dot org. And I’m looking that you have some of the traditional trade association motions, so including the certification, the knowledge base, the content, the events, give me an example of a couple of the events that you have, and we’ll talk about the one in particular on the second podcast. Okay.


Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  4:01 

So we have we have different events. Right now. They’re kind of limited. But we do do roadshows. We have of course, our certification courses are live or in person, normally. We do the CXO conference in conjunction with our ace conference. That’s our big event of the year in the US. And then we also do one in Europe. And we also do one in Asia. So


Harry Brelsford  4:29 

quite nice work, if you can find it. Well, congratulations. You’ve created quite a an organization coming right up on 20 years old. Yes. Yes. Want to


Dr. Barbara Rembiesa  4:41 

know. Yeah,


Harry Brelsford  4:42 

exactly. I want to make some noise on that. All right. We’ll see you next time. And we’re going to talk about an upcoming event on the second podcast. Thank you very much.