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With the increased availability of 24-hour news from a variety of sources and outlets, there is no lack of consuming the news.  As  MSP’s and business owners it is important to stay up to date on the latest news, technology and events in the industry.  Have you checked out Channel Happy Hour?  This site is devoted to the latest IT Channel news and, of course, the Channel Happy Hour Podcast.  A show devoted to bringing you all the Channel news for the past week.  We chat with Frank Ohlhost  who shares the details of the podcast and why you should check it out.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:06 Hi, ho, Nation Nation back with Frank in the New York City area. Frank, always a pleasure to have our little monthly chat How you doing?

Frank Ohlhorst  0:14 I’m doing pretty good, um, Harry, um, you know, things are starting to open up back here. You know, it looks like there might be, you know, opportunity for folks once again, as you know, businesses get going and things open up.

Harry Brelsford  0:28 Yep. Well, hey, quickly this month, I want to introduce the Channel Happy Hour Podcast to do with Mike Vizard. So take it from there, what is it? And what do you guys do? And I see you’re up to Episode 355. Good lord. Man,

Frank Ohlhorst  0:44 it’s something we’ve been doing for quite a while it runs weekly or every other week dependent upon, you know, what the show schedules are and, and elements like that. And basically, we discuss some of the more critical Channel News along with what our future take would be on the impact of that news. For example, we might talk about, you know, a current event in the channel, you know, whether it’s an acquisition, or even a new product launch or a new idea around a product, and we’ll delve into what it potentially means for the channel. You know, Mike will talk about that from more of a, a business development sense, and I will talk about it from more of a technical development sense. Yeah, the idea here is to give people a heads up on, you know, what’s happening in the channel. Like, in our last episode, we were talking about, you know, how, how, VMware is introducing some new services, and which might, you know, impact the channel. And, you know, Mike went into, you know, what the strategic reason for VMware doing that was, and I went into, you know, the technical impact and whether or not it will, you know, help to evolve service offerings. And, you know, we talk about those types of products or services that are directly related to the channel. And, you know, a lot of times we’ll talk about what you know, the future holds for the channel, for example, we recently spoke about the concept of observability, replacing RMM when it comes down to it remote monitoring and maintenance, evolving into including an observability component, where you can do trending and analytics, and it might be something MSPs want to get involved with, by looking at these observability platforms, which unify everything into a single pane of glass so that they can better predict needed scale or identify problems. Um, you know, we get into a subject matter like that, and, you know, it can be found directly on the channel, Happy hour website, which is channel happy

Harry Brelsford  3:06 Yep, there it is.

Frank Ohlhorst  3:08 And, you know, we also, you know, have a subscription model where we go out to some of the podcasts and you know, well, one of the top channel related channel related podcasts out there, at least according to Jay McBain, yeah,

Harry Brelsford  3:25 I think you are. And so maybe the final question I have is, what’s your demographic or personas? Is it strictly channel partners? Or could it be vendors wanting to learn more about the channel what’s what’s your sense of your listenership?

Frank Ohlhorst  3:41 It’s both its vendors and channel partners, the vendors listen to it to get a particular insight on what might be happening in the market and what their competition might be up to. And also, the vendors like to talk with us to talk about, you know, what they’re developing in the channel, the channel partners come, you know, looking at it for solely for knowledge and actionable information. So we have a good mixture there. And, you know, we’re always looking to talk to you know, folks that are, you know, in startup mode for the channel for offering services, or folks that are evolving their services. And we also like to talk to channel partners out there about their success stories or what might be lacking in what vendors are providing them. So, you know, we’ve got a good broad mix there.

Harry Brelsford  4:34 All right. So once again, folks, that’s channel just dropped issue. 355 Thanks, Frank. I got a bolt. We’ll talk to you next month. Bye, man.

Frank Ohlhorst  4:46 Thank you.