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Most small business owners say they work at least 50 hours a week.  That is a lot of time doing the same things and having the same responsibilities.  Have you ever thought am I in the right role?  Would I be better in sales, or behind the scenes?   Your goal should be to not only love what you do but make sure it fits within your lifestyle.  We meet up with Beatrice who share some excellent resources to see if you are in the right position, and how to elevate and or change positions. 

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:05 

Hey,SMB Nation Harry back with Beatrice, the infamous Beatrice, people still ask about you from the early days. How you doing?


Beatrice Phillips  0:15 

Oh, I’m doing great. Thanks. Harry


Harry Brelsford  0:18 

Good. Good. So one double click, we talked to you quarterly. And I want to get update to the alpha group. So quickly, what is the alpha group for new listeners? And then why don’t you give me updates on what what you’re doing?


Beatrice Phillips  0:31 

Okay, so the Alpha Group is a peer to peer advisory board for business owners and CEOs for businesses in the SMB space. So small business, small, medium, business sized businesses, and we go up to 60 million. And so it is a peer support group. It’s very structured. And, um, so how does it work? I can’t tell you because it’s a big secret where our members are all under NDA. Okay. And so you know, it’s probably information, but I’m happy to invite people, you know, that I speak to that have to meet a certain criteria. But one thing I can share with you, yesterday, one of my members landed a $200,000 contract over multiple years, totaling $600,000. So boom, and he’s only been a member for five months. And the best way I can put it is, you know, look at when, when you run your own business, and we see this, we see this with companies, where the CEO, or the business owner thinks that they have to be the one that come up with all the solutions to every single problem in the business. Here, you have a team that you put it back in, and so you’re you you make much more exponential, bigger steps, and you make improvements in your company. They’re that much bigger. And take the company that much further, by having that group of peer advisors.


Harry Brelsford  2:08 

Yeah. Yeah, you know, you always get my my brain spinning. I have used the last, let’s just call it 18 months, the last 18 months of the pandemic, before we know what it is, and but I’ve really kind of looked in the mirror have thought a lot about myself, I attended one of your group meetings, thank you complimentary, back at the beginning of the year. And as you know, I’m doing a lot more consulting to industry, my friend and yours, Scott Lopez over at ZPI, who basically sells third party maintenance, consumption, extended warranties, Scott and I are a lot alike. And and here’s here’s what I’ve concluded is, Scott hired a real CEO from out outside his company. That’s what he does, he gets up in the morning and has HR meetings, and this that the other, I play a CEO on YouTube, right, I put CEO on my business card. But now that I’ve worked closely with a real CEO, I decided Beatrice, and it goes back to your points, I don’t really want to be a real CEO, I’m much more aligned as an entrepreneur like Scott Lopez, my brain is going all these different directions. And Greg James, partner mine up in the Seattle area, we think alike. So you know, that is something I’ve come to note, have you seen that transformation and you’re in your group, or maybe someone started owned and operated and built the company, but they’re really better at doing something else, right, being the entrepreneur, take it, take it from there,


Beatrice Phillips  3:49 

you see it all the time. Matter of fact, funny, because we talked about that a little bit this morning and our meeting. And we do we do this once a month, but I have several boards. So um, and in the meeting this morning, we talked about it. And basically I recommend for people get a MBTI, or this NB, a Myers Briggs indicator or get a disc assessment. So when you search this stuff, you’ll find it on Google and get that feedback because we have different personality or character traits. And I’m not an expert to speak on that stuff. But I can give you kind of the roundabout on it. So there is between? Well, depending on which test you do, there’s between seven and nine major personality traits. And you always have your major version, and then you have one on each side of you. And you might find out that, hey, you may be a great show person. So you you would be a good like president, but you’re really not good at the organizational stuff. Right or operation stuff. So pull yourself out. corporations and hire CEO, right? Or you, you might be really good connector building relationships with people, right? So So I say, you know, take a personality test and then get a coach, business coach to help you make that transfer and also to surround you with the right people because we tend to hire the people that we like. But usually they’re like us, and you need to hire someone who maybe you don’t like so much, but they’ve fit that personality trait for that role that you need to hire for. And those are the things that we we you know, it’s just one of the things that we cover. But um, yes, so we do see it all the time. Because once the business owner has that aha moment, it’s like, Okay, that makes so much more sense because they don’t even like doing or being in that role. And they’re much happier, some people like not to leave the toolbox, and keep holding the wrench, you know, where others want to step away, and let other people handle it. And then they naturally delegate, by taking that personality assessment, really help you focus on what you’re good at. And then you hire a coach to help you make that transition. And you’re golden.


Harry Brelsford  6:15 

Alrighty, well, hey, next quarter when we talk. And by the way, I have a couple trips to Florida, you know, fingers crossed these events happen, but I’ll be in touch with, with you and Glenn about that be fun to get together again. But next time when we talk, who knows, maybe it’ll be in person we’ll do a live on. But I’d like you to think about, you know, from employee to entrepreneur, a conversation I had some time ago with a guy at Apple air and Seattle, the online sales tax calculation, and he had actually gone from entrepreneur to employ he. So be thinking about that, because your your peer group would be perfect for that the employee who maybe gets packaged out, they start a business, and they have that fresh start that fresh foundation and they can tack on a peer group.


Beatrice Phillips  7:07 

Yeah, Oh, absolutely. No, we’re seeing that too. You know, especially with the pandemic. So


Harry Brelsford  7:12 

yeah. Where can people where can people reach you? How can you be reached so they can get a demo or talk to you more?


Beatrice Phillips  7:21 

Oh, um, well, Lately, I’ve been hanging out a lot on alignable, which is a platform that’s only six now 6.5 million users right now. And it’s very different from LinkedIn, and Facebook. So I’m really enjoying being on alignable. I’ll send you a link here. alignable is about making connections and having conversations and not getting spammed, which I really appreciate that part. And there’s a lot of awesome groups that are having business discussions. So alignable is one way but also I’m on LinkedIn. I check that. Well, you know, I check that one’s neat. Yeah, I have to start taking it a little bit more again. Just Just connect with me on LinkedIn or alignable. And be happy to have a chat. Absolutely.


Harry Brelsford  8:13 

All right. I gotta bounce talk to you soon. Thanks. All right.


Beatrice Phillips  8:16 

Take care, Harry.