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Active Directory is one of the primary focuses of cyber attackers as it contains the information attackers need to expand their access, establish connection, and more.  By taking a deeper look into your Active Directory exposures, organizations can improve their security and data before the attacker tries to gain access to administrator accounts, credentials, records, data and more.     We meet with Frank who shares with us security around Active Directory.

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:06 

Hey SMB Nation Harry here in the heart of the heat of the Texas summer Frank the the heat finally arrived as coldest  summer in 14 years most terrain until last weekend. How are you doing?


Frank Ohlhorst  0:19 

I’m doing good you know we’ve got a the beginning of a heatwave here in New York as well. So you know summers back I guess yep


Harry Brelsford  0:29 

dirty little secret I was you know, like to chitchat with you, but I I’m biking a lot less a it’s really hot be I’ve gotten back into my swimming and it’s an outdoor pool at the YMCA. And there’s no better feeling when the heat index is above 100 to be in an outdoor pool in the water. Man, I got to tell you. Oh, hey, you just dropped an article today basically, on AD assessor. So talk to me, you dropped it any week? What’s going on? What’s AD assessor?


Frank Ohlhorst  1:02 

Well, you know, there’s an issue going on out in the world about, you know, security around Active Directory. And as you already know, there are 10s of millions of folks who use Active Directory. And Active Directory is getting kind of to be everywhere, in many respects, because you know, you got people using as your you’ve got people hosting things in the cloud. Now using Active Directory is their directory service. And, you know, there’s a lot of attacks going on against Active Directory, you know, Microsoft is saying it’s one of the, the most elements of theirs that’s attacked as of late. So I took a look at product from Attivo, I did a review on it, it’s called Adassessor. And what it aims to do is to give you visibility into Active Directory, instead of having to manually go through everything and look for flaws and assignments or look for, you know, potential leaks or look for, you know, entitlements that are excessive, um, Adassessor, or Adassessor does all of that for you uses some artificial intelligence, it uses real time monitoring, and it surfaces what potential threats there are against ad assessor and also kind of detects, you know, active lateral movement across Active Directory, which is a clear sign that somebody’s gotten in, and they’re trying to, you know, do some damage or create fake accounts. It’s a nifty tool. Very easy to set up and install because it’s cloud based. And it gives you, you know, a ton of different graphics, and it gives you real time notices of what’s happening in Active Directory. And I think it’s something that, you know, anybody that’s heavily reliant on Active Directory as the cornerstone of their identity, management identity assignment, on a network really needs this capability.


Harry Brelsford  3:23 

Yeah, I’m looking at your piece right here. Very interesting. It’s neither here nor there, but I have to ask the question, do they have a partner program? Would MSPs receive a little love?


Frank Ohlhorst  3:41 

Yeah, although I don’t talk about it over at a week. AttiVo is partner friendly. They work with MSPs Okay, you know, they make a lot of other tools beyond ad assessor all aimed at the cybersecurity space. And you know, with a product like with a product like ad assessor, you know, an MSP could kind of offer that as a service or use it to kind of cover all of their own bases if they’re managing ad for a customer.


Harry Brelsford  4:14 

Yeah, yeah. Cool. Well keep up the good work. And I appreciate you posting this up to what is sort of the de facto SMB Nation group on Facebook. Folks, click over to you know, you grew up with SBS if if you have an SBS bumper sticker All right. Gotta bounce. Thanks Frank.