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The next generation of Windows, Windows 11 was announced in June.  Although, we do not know the exact release (some speculate October of 2021)  you can download the first Windows 11 Insider Preview build today. This build has some new features, such as widgets, snap layouts, virtual desktops, getting android app support, a new store and more.  We catch up with Lisa as she shares her knowledge on the product and what others are saying. 


Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:07 

Hey, SMB Nation. Harry here back with Lisa Hendrickson. Lisa, how you doing?

Lisa Hendrickson  0:14 


Harry Brelsford  1:05 

 What is the story of Windows 11?

Lisa Hendrickson  1:08 

Well, first, I’ll go back and answer another question for you that there’s always another way to get people invited without putting them in the invites. Oh, no. Like you can forward them the calendar event? Make it and then forward it. Okay. And that might be better for people that you don’t want to see who’s there? Yeah,

Harry Brelsford  1:27 

Yeah,there you go. Windows 11. What’s going on?

Lisa Hendrickson  1:31 

Well, right now, there’s not much going on. And I think the reason is, is because there was a lot of excitement about a month ago. And then it started crumbling, all the other beta testing and everything. So it literally was about a 10 day excitement for technicians. And then everybody quit talking about it pretty much. 

Harry Brelsford  1:50 

Is it out? I mean, am I running Windows 11? With the periodic, you know, overnight reboot, when they apply Windows Updates?

Lisa Hendrickson  1:59 

No. Okay. And just everybody know, I’m not like an 11 expert here. Yeah, I’m not a winner. I am an outlook expert. But you know, I’ll tell the story of the group on Facebook here. So please do I try to stay involved with all technology, even though all I do is outlook and 365. Because everything I helped with is involved with the operating systems, you know, there’s a lot of problems. So I tried to keep up on stuff. And when Windows 11 got released in the beta, and everybody was excited and downloading it and testing it and making videos and all that I started seeing, well, you know what, maybe because I already own a couple Facebook groups, why don’t we start a new group just for this to keep topic on point, then we can keep up. And we don’t want for the first week or so it was pretty cool. Everybody was talking about it. But then Microsoft changed things. And people were like, it’s too soon to even really talk about it. Yeah. As we don’t know what’s gonna happen, they’re gonna change stuff there to change the, the the TPM and other requirements that you have to have. And we need to know the exact requirements before we could tell our clients if they can upgrade or not, you know, so. And everybody has different theories, Harry, so you just got to kind of wait it out for a little bit.

Harry Brelsford  3:16 

Okay, any prediction on when I could install Windows 11? Or is thatan unknown?

Lisa Hendrickson  3:21 

I think you can install it now. But you know, I tell people don’t install it on your master computer. You know, your main one for work? Do it on a secondary machine or, you know, virtual system or something. But yeah, most texts aren’t doing that to their main computers. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t even do it. I didn’t even test it yet.

Harry Brelsford  3:43 

Cool. All right. Well, I’m gonna follow your lead. Well, I just wanted to check in with you. We’ll talk to you next time. But you know, I saw I saw you made a little bit of noise with that group on Facebook. What is the name of the group of people want to join at this late date?

Lisa Hendrickson  3:58 

Yep. Well, we have about almost 500 members there. And so most people, they’re from a wide variety of groups. So it’s not just like one group rehash to another one. It’s, if you search Facebook for Windows 11, a group for technicians, that’s the one and there’s a little activity now and again, but you know, people are still just holding off I think, yeah,

Harry Brelsford  4:19 

yeah. Cool. All right, Lisa, thank you. We’ll talk to you next time.

Lisa Hendrickson  4:22 

Thanks. See ya.