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Over the years employees desires and benefits have changed.   Employees once seeking pensions and great benefits are now seeking flexibility, healthy work habits, and working for a purpose.    Having the choice in work environment and flexibility have become key factors for many in their jobs.  A study done in June of 2021 shows a majority of companies (80%)  want to continue with at least some work at home while 47% want to allow some folks to go full time at home.  We meet up with Denis Wilson who shares with us the new work trends and what employees want. 

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford  0:02 

There we go. Hey nation nation, Harry here. I’m out in Austin talking to Denis Wilson down in Southern California. So how you doing? I didit get hot. Did you guys have the heat wave down there?

Denis Wilson  0:17 

Yeah, it was not as bad as as some palm Palm Desert in Las Vegas was real hot. We got into into the 90s. But yeah, uncomfortable enough.

Harry Brelsford  0:31 

Yeah, yeah, exactly. All right. Well, hey, following up on last month, we talked about sort of the remote work paradigm work from home. You were gonna do a little more double clicking down into that topic. What do you got you what what’s going on and work from home remote work at this juncture?

Denis Wilson  0:50 

Yeah. And in fact, I’m doing a blog on that today, to upload to my blog site. The work environment and location has now become a key factor for job seekers. And the statistics are a little bit eye opening. They should be eye opening for both clients. And ISP are MSPs. I’m sorry. The statistics in June 2021. show a majority of the companies want to continue with 80% of them planning to do at least some work at home and 47%. allowing some folks to go full time at home. And that that was a little shocking to me.

Harry Brelsford  1:44 

Yeah, yeah. No, that is, you know what, what I’m also hearing it’s all over the board, Chase Bank. Mr. Diamond, the the CEO of that he wants everybody back. Okay. Mr. Baker wants everybody back. Let’s get back to work. You have tech companies that say you can work remotely permanently. Denis, what, what what I think you’re going to start to see I’ve read a little bit about this, but I would actually do this myself is I play a CEO on YouTube, for SMB Nation. But if I were to hire backup, again, in this company or another company, I would start to factor in the cost of living differential because you know, it’s cheaper to live in the Midwest, and you’re pulling a bay area salary, so we’ll just keep it simple. You’re making 200,000 in the Bay Area? Dude, that’s a heck of a lot of money in the Midwest. What are your thoughts on the salary differential?

Denis Wilson  2:47 

No, there’s, there’s there’s two things. One is the salary differential is is will probably go down in terms of what’s going to be paid out for what jobs because they will have the flexibility to go to Lenexa, Kansas, and live there, and and then dial in to wherever in Silicon Valley or LA to get the work done. I know one of the things they’re talking about is his real estate, been getting a real high bump, because of people looking for real estate looking to move outside of the area they’re in now. So there’s there’s a lot of folks, in fact, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how they are going to move and and what that means to them potentially. And I’m thinking it’s both good and bad.

Harry Brelsford  3:54 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I concur. You know, as entrepreneur, we seek out disruptions, right. So I’m not really talking geek with you talking business, but that’s what I do. Right? I are, that’s what I do best. And that’s what I did best with SBS in 97. Forward was that was a disruption to how we kind of viewed computing and the small business. And we seek out disruption. So for me, it says opportunity. And I don’t know what the opportunity is. Because what quite frankly, I wouldn’t be working and I wouldn’t be on this podcast with the I’d be retired and wealthy. that opportunity to myself. Yeah, yeah. But rest assured, no, but it is, you know, chaos creates opportunity. Right? And I’ll tell you what, let me bring this in for a landing. But why don’t we make that the final word. You know, stay healthy, stay wealthy. And I will talk to you on the flip side, Dennis.

Denis Wilson  4:53 

Great. We’ll talk to you soon.