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With the oil and gas industry being the largest component of Alaska’s economy,  Alaska has had to look at how they will be effected with the transition to renewable energy.  As renewable energy becomes more more competitive and fossil fuel becomes less necessary many Alaskans are already making the transition to adapt to technology by using its experience,  unique geography, and natural resources.  Harry visits Alaska and shares with us his findings. 

Video Transcription

Hey, SMB Nation, I am in Anchorage, Alaska delivered a little bit of content yet. It’s very interesting here, because it’s a very challenging business environment, forgiving the cargo plane going over me at the airport. But it’s a very challenging business market, because if you’re not aware of Alaska, the economy is primarily public sector, which you would think is good. And there are cmmc opportunities with the defense sector up here. So in that sense, it’s good, but part of it is bad because the natural resource economy based largely on Prudhoe Bay is starting to dry up. And Alaska, quite frankly, is not doing enough to recreate itself fast enough. And they have a permanent fund probably north of $60 billion at this point from the oil earnings, and they need to start investing in themselves. So I just wanted to report from you here. Alaska has its challenges. I come across a couple of times a year. So will report to you on the flip side. Thanks for tracking SMB Nation.