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Data Centers are a critical resource that many businesses depend on.  From storing, processing and distributing data applications, these facilities house many organizations critical assets.  These assets many times are vital to an organization’s day to day operations.  We meet up with Michael Cantor of Park Place Technologies as he shares with us how to simplify the management of complex technologies through data center hardware and maintenance. 

Video Transcription

Harry Brelsford 0:06
A nation nation Harry here with Michael Cantor Park Place. Good day. How you doing?

Michael Cantor 0:13
Good morning. Great. Thanks for inviting me over.

Harry Brelsford 0:15
All right, well, hey, I’ve had my eye on Park Place for some time, bumped into the the booth at the exchange event in San Antonio, July of 2021. First of all, let’s back up what what is parked place? What, what line of work are you and then we’ll get into your announcement on uptime.

Michael Cantor 0:35
I mean, our core business is a third party maintenance, you do maintenance on a variety of devices, servers, disk arrays, and so on, you know that people who are familiar with us have probably heard that, you know, plenty over time, but we’ve continued to grow the business into new areas, particularly our Parkview line of business where we’re doing, you know, what do you hear all the time advertisers DNS, oh, and doing monitoring support optimization of equipment for our customers?

Harry Brelsford 1:05
Yeah, I have seen the term DMSO. fly by discover, monitor, support and optimize. Cool. And you have an announcement on uptime. So what is uptime? Yeah, so

Michael Cantor 1:18
I’m not sure exactly which one you’ve seen, we’ve, we’ve done lots of press releases. Probably most recently, we brought out a new channel channel partner portal. So we’re trying to get our channel partners more engaged with that reselling our services and giving them a place where they can go get our collateral, registered deals, you know, and those sorts of things. That’s the most recent announcement. Yeah, we’ve

Harry Brelsford 1:39
also That’s the one. Yeah,

Michael Cantor 1:41
so that one that we just released that just went live last week, and we have, I think, perhaps 100% of our channel partners, you know, already registered and using it. And, you know, certainly that organizations, you know, looking for more channel partnerships to get engaged.

Harry Brelsford 1:58
So an MSP who’s a member of SMB Nation would would go sign up and get support tools, and etc, but also the ability to sell third party maintenance consumption, is that bottom line?

Michael Cantor 2:13
Exactly. So it’s hooked right into our CRM system, so they can kind of see and register new customers? Or look, if they’re dealing with an existing customer of ours, and, you know, register deals on top of that data?

Harry Brelsford 2:26
Yeah. And is your channel program? Is that relatively new for you? Or have you had channel partners engaged with you in the past?

Michael Cantor 2:34
We I think we’ve had channel partners for as long as we’ve been around, but have continued to strengthen that organization and do our best to bring the best of us to the market. Yeah.

Harry Brelsford 2:43
And and when I think at third party consumption, or third party maintenance, excuse me, I think of it more maybe at the larger company level enterprise and we’ll call it upper mid. Are you seeing the consumption of this in the SMB, DSC, parts of that?

Michael Cantor 3:02
Oh, we see it at all levels. And so I mean, it’s a pretty straightforward cost savings measure that I think everybody gets engaged in at some point, you know, you you have hardware it was on contract for three you bought it had a three year warranty included with it, actually, you know, there’s an interest in moving that moving that person to new hardware or buying from the OEM, but if you can come to us and get 50% off that OEM price, that’s what you’re going to go for. And so, you know, I think we get a huge mix of really kind of both ends of the spectrum, lots of enterprise companies, but even you know, small shops with just a couple of servers who go hey, if I can save you know, 500 bucks a year I’m gonna do it and we provide the same level of service to both groups of customers either way, we have a big portal, you know, presence. We have a lot of self service capability. And then you got to set one we got to set one we don’t really worry about your your sighs

Harry Brelsford 3:55
Yeah. Yeah. Cool. No, I’m glad we I’m glad we chatted, I, I think part place might be a relatively new name in the SMB nation. So that’s newsworthy in and of itself. And I wish you continued success. Any final thoughts? Do you think? Any any future announcements forthcoming or Final Thoughts?

Michael Cantor 4:15
We are, we are constantly building that Parkview line. So a big expansion in the cloud, you know, certainly they lots of people are moving their their services to public cloud. We offer services on top of that, because you still have the same sorts of monitoring, optimization needs. And so we were providing we were extending our service catalog into that several perpetual software or, or recurring software licenses that we have available for network management through our intuity subsidiary, that’s part of the Parkview unit. So you know, we continue to branch out into those sorts of things and so lots, lots more coming from us.

Harry Brelsford 4:54
So tell me more about your company history, what’s going on recently with acquisitions and grow

Michael Cantor 5:00
Yeah, I think that’s a sign of what you’ll see coming from us in the future. So, you know, we’ve been around for 30 years. And if you look at our most recent acquisitions, some some really large ones, you know, in the form of curvature and the capabilities, that curvature is brought to us, and a couple of smaller ones such as converti 360, where we’re starting to build that professional services arm, we’ve had that professional services arm for quite some time. But those two acquisitions have made a huge difference in being able to take our services, layer ons and professional services and some ancillary areas, and really make a difference for customers who are looking for that whole package, not just Hey, can you do maintenance for us? But you know, when I’m setting down servers and decommissioning them, can you help me do that, too?

Harry Brelsford 5:45
All right, well, thanks for your time. Like I said, this is News. All the best. Thanks, appreciate him. inviting me