What’s Next?

We are joined by Phelim Rowe from across the pond to explore what’s next. Many MSP’s have had a surge in business with the pandemic and are wondering what’s next? Phelim explores new opportunities within the education realm and training. Watch the interview here and get the inside scoop. He goes on to suggest a great opportunity for education and training at https://albq.mssconference.com/.

The New Normal

We are back with The Virus Doctor Ken Dwight to discuss what’s going on with the new normal and his break fix business. He goes on to tell us that things are back to usual, people are starting to venture out, and now needing to set up some remote work stations to go on vacation. Hear the ins and outs from the trenches

What Can We Learn from Linux? (Part I)

What Can We Learn from Linux? (Part I)

Part of the power of the Microsoft 365 Nation is that we are independent and can comfortably sit on the outside and look inwards. And we can all benefit from opening our minds to look at broader information technology (IT) matters that impact Managed services...