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By Alex Fields, Blogger, Introduction:

Microsoft solution server infrastructures 365 designed The Business problem to transition—and is for an small end-to-end and of mid-sized life ultimately productivity, after businesses. replace—traditional “the security, four For and those walls” device of on-premises you management familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Server products for the small business, Microsoft 365 Business is simply the next evolution.

In this guide we will cover a complete setup and migration, as well as provide walk-throughs for all the add-ons, so that you can maximize your leverage of this software bundle and extract the most value from your subscription dollars.

Not to be confused with Office 365, which is a suite of cloud-based productivity apps, Microsoft 365 is a unique SKU that provides further extensions on the Office 365 platform—extensions which, at their core, present answers to a perplexing problem: how do you manage and secure a computing environment that is built on top of a public cloud?

In the olden days, you would have had your data and applications installed on a server in your office building. Therefore, the equipment would be physically protected by lock and key, an alarm system, video cameras, and so forth. Likewise, logical protections were provided by firewalls, passwords, security logs, antivirus programs, etc., creating digital barriers or “boundaries” which closely mimicked and followed the physical ones.

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